Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Clean that Ass - Hear Me Now!!!!

Clean Ass

Go and worship the mighty Cock.

It calls you with your own voice, the voice that whispers the deep dark secrets that you keep hidden.

It draws you with your own perversions, your own fantasies, your own deepest lustful dreams.

Its voice makes your crotch burn with desire for Cock.
Go work the Glory Holes, Truck Stops and Bath Houses.

Surf the internet for that Craig’s Listing Cock.

Clean your damn asshole out before you go looking to have a 
cock or hand shoved up it.

No one wants your shit on their finger, Cock or fist.

Don’t expect to get fucked with a dirty butt.

No one wants to have to clean up after you have shit on them.

You never get that smell off your finger. It lingers for hours.


Play Safe

If you are offering your ass to another Man, have the 
condom and lube needed.

Don’t expect that Top to have them.

You are the faggot offering your ass for his pleasure.

Clean Your Nasty Ass!

Clean Your Ass before going out to whore around

And carry the supplies needed for your good time.

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