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Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Glory Hole Fact / Tip #7 = For the Love of Glory Holes

Glory Hole Fact / Tip #7

For the Love of Glory Holes

Do you love Glory Holes?

Glory Holes are the most wonderful way to suck a lot of cocks to make you as a cocksucker feel good about yourself.

Anonymous Sex at its best.

You can suck one cock after another at a well-known glory hole.

Men that need to be sucked off will gladly push their cocks through that hOle cut in the wall just to have a good cocksucker bring them to ecstasy.

Many a lot of loads male essence have been shared through hOles cut in wall to facilitate anonymous sex.

At a well-known glory hole, hundreds of needy cocks can be serviced and satisfied in one day.

What make a glory hole a well-known glory hOle?

The good devoted cock suckers that are on one side of it waiting to give oral pleasure to the needy cocks.

Cocksuckers that LIVE FOR COCK
Cocksuckers that LIVE FOR CUM
Cock suckers that LIVE TO SERVE ALL MEN that come to the
Glory hOle he is working.

When sucking a cock through a glory hOle try to 
remember to Pace Yourself.
Make sure your teeth are not giving that cock any pain.
Listen to the sounds the guy on the other side of that wall that separates you two is making. 
React upon those sounds.

Pay attention to the motions of the anonymous cock you are 
sucking through that glory hOle.
Maybe he wants to fuck some anonymous ass through the hole in the wall that separates you.
When he starts fucking your mouth as you suck 
him through that glory hOle, 
he might be tell you he wants your ass.

Be prepared to back your hungry pig ass up to that glory hole 
and let him have some of it.

Remember, you are there to satisfy that anonymous man’s 
sexual needs at that moment.

Do what is needed to make that man want to come back to that 
glory hole again over and over.

Always clean that Man’s cock before you let him have it back.
Never spit his load on the floor.
Swallow it or use a paper towel to catch it.

If he used a condom when fucking you. 

Drink his load from that vessel that holds his essence.

Enjoy watching him put his cock back in his pants and leave.

When it is all over
Kneel back in front of that Glory hOle and thank it for being there so you could give anonymous pleasure to a man you may never see again.

for allowing me to use you to give that man the pleasure he came here for.

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