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Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Glory Hole Fact / Tip # 15 = Proper Use of a Glory Hole – SamBear’s Thoughts

Glory Hole Fact / Tip # 15 

Proper Use of a Glory Hole – SamBear’s Thoughts

My favorite thing to do is suck strange anonymous cocks
through glory holes.

At Adult Video Arcades

I need Cock

Anonymous cock

no faces

no names

Just Cock

Anonymous Cock

I get the Cock hard

I Service that Cock

Anonymous Cock

I Make Love to that Cock

That anonymous Cock

I get that Cock wet

then I turn around and press my butt against the glory h0le

offering my hungry asshole for a deep

Anonymous raw fuck

I need that Cock inside me

I need his Cum inside me

but don’t want to be bothered with chit-chat

or buying drinks

or exchanging glances

Just Cock

Anonymous Cock

Hard Cock

Anonymous Cock

Fucking my Asshole

And Cum

Anonymous Cum

When it is all over…

More Cock

More Anonymous Cum

I have NEVER refused a raw, bare cock from anyone coming through a glory hole

Plus, I always given them my cum-greedy ass when possible

I get what I want

That is why I work the glory h0les.

This Fact / Tip is from my Library

I hope you learn something from it or

Refresh your memory

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