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Friday, July 7, 2017

Glory Hole Fact # 17 (Glory Adventure - story)

(Glory Adventure - story)

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ABS Adventures 12-23-XX

Being a Glory H0le Pig is all about sucking cock, 
getting fucked and making that cock feel good…

Sometimes, whatever it takes!

This was one of those days where I had arrived at the local Adult Video Arcade early and was spending most of the day there sucking cock and doing whatever it took to please the men who 
visited there that day.

I had been busy most of the day sucking some damn nice cocks, swallowing loads and backing my asshole onto some hard cocks when I saw a dude come into the video booth area who must had just gotten off work.

He had on a jacket, jeans and boots.

His jeans had saw dust on them and as he passed by me, 
I could smell fresh cut wood.

I figured he was a carpenter of some type.

He looked me dead in the eyes as he passed by and then entered one of the video booths with a glory h0le.

I wasted no time in claiming the video booth next to the one he had entered and kneeled down in front of the glory h0le hoping he was there for some man2man action.

As I peered through the round hole in the wall, 
I saw him looking down at it.

He was checking it to see if I had followed his lead.

As I watched his movements, he grabbed his crotch.

That is when I laid my finger in the glory h0le to let him know I was interested.
I didn’t care what size his cock was. If it was uncut or cut or 
if what he really wanted.

I just wanted to taste him and be able to smell his crotch.

As I continued to watch through the hole in the wall that separated us, he unzipped his zipper and reached in the fly of his jeans.

Damn I was getting excited.

Hopefully he was going to pull his cock and balls out of his pants and push them through the glory h0le.

I was right.

This is what he pulled from his jeans and pushed through that round hole in the wall for me to have and enjoy.

His cock was much nicer than I expected and he fed his balls through the glory h0le too.

I gave his cock my welcome kiss and then I licked the head of it.

Slowly I took it in my mouth and swallowed it until his balls 
were laying on my chin.

This is when I started sucking on his cock and making love to it.

Even though being a glory h0le pig is all about sucking cock and 
making it feel good, it is also about enjoying the cock I am sucking. 

Tasting it, smelling it, feeling it on my tongue and down my throat.

While I was making pig love to his cock, I could smell the 
sawdust on his pants.

That was a great turn-on for me.

I sucked on his cock making intense deep love to it without ever thinking about time.

This man and his cock deserved all my attention for as long as he wanted it.

I wanted him to know he was getting the best glory h0le blow job he would ever get anywhere.

As he moaned in pleasure I returned his moan 
with a delighted grunt

From time to time while I was making love to his cock, the guy would start to fuck my mouth through the glory hy0le.

Then he would stop and let me do all the work.

Usually when a man fucks the glory h0le it is a sign that he wants to fuck some ass.

The way this guy would only fuck the glory h0le some let me know he was enjoying my mouth too much to switch to my asshole.

I was alright with that.

I was enjoying making love to his wonderful cock too much to have to give him my ass and stop sucking him.

I made love to that cock for what seemed like a lifetime. I didn’t care about the time. I was enjoying myself too much.

This cock alone was better than all the cocks I had already had together made.

After a while I felt the cock get harder and cold tell it had grown 
longer in my mouth and throat.

This was a sure sign I was going to get a load of Male Essence pumped down my throat.

Damn I felt good about this situation.

He started fucking my throat through the glory h0le and it wasn’t 
long before I tasted that salty taste I was looking forward to.

Damn, his cum tasted good.

Plus, there was a lot of it.

His cock throbbed as it continued to squirt into my 
mouth and throat.

When he had finished shooting his load into my mouth, he started to pull it out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

I didn’t want to give up that wonderful cock but knew I had to.

The End
(Of this Posting)

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