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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Glory H0le Fact or Tip # 2 = Where to Find a Glory H0le

Glory H0le Fact or Tip # 2

Where to Find a Glory H0le

Gloryholes are the ultimate expression of 
near-anonymous, faceless Gay Sex.

Glory holes are usually found in seedy places like sex shops, adult video arcades, specialty theatres and promiscuously themed bars.

Glory h0les are usually found between private video booths in Adult Book or Video Stores.

*** You can find gloryholes at Adult Book Stores also known as ABS's that have an area usually behind a curtain, door or hippy beads of an adult shop that exhibits signs saying inside or outside of the building or both "Video Booths" or "Preview Booths" or "Adult Arcade"

Typically, most Adult Book stores or Adult Video Arcades have booths that take bills single dollars or up to twenties or more.

Some stores require you to buy tokens which are corns about the size of a quarter.

To obtain tokens you need to visit the cashier and ask to 
buy the tokens.

Most ABS's have a minimum fee they require.

Some as low as $5 and some as high as $12 to $15 or more.

If you plan on staying for a while it is suggested you have 20 or more in singles or 5's if the machines take bills because you have to pay spending money as long as you are in your glory-hole booth for obvious reasons and some places you will be asked to leave if you are not spending money.

Now some Adult Video Arcades have you pay a cover fee to use the area that the Glory h0les are in. Instead of paying to watch the movies, they play all the time.

It is not uncommon to find Glory h0les in Men’s Rooms (particularly in gay bars), at truck stops, in public Men’s Rooms in bus and train stations, or even shopping malls.
Almost anywhere you find public Men’s Rooms, you'll eventually find a Glory Hole.

When using glory h0les located in public Men’s Rooms, please follow proper Glory Hole Etiquette.
Glory h0le Etiquette is a subject in future postings on the subject of Glory h0les.

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  1. I recognize that black and white video as one of the best GH videos on Xtube. I thought it had been taken down! Where did you find it?


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