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Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose

While in Amsterdam this last trip, I bought myself a new douche nozzle so I could hook up to the shower hose at the hotel.

The Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose

WoW ! ! !
What an incredible buy.

The Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose is 10 times better than the standard Irrigator (in my opinion).

They are firm but soft pure silicone and you’ll have no problem getting it into your ass, unlike the flimsy irrigator or the hard metal nozzles.

From the internet, I have learned that this nozzle comes in four different lengths.

All four lengths have a 20mm diameter and one large 7mm diameter hole in the tip.

This is now my favorite enema nozzle.

First I bought the shortest one for the hotel hose.

The flexible nozzle felt so good in my body, I went back and bought the next length for my hose at home.

Internet ad…
Soft and flexible washing hose just for screwing on the shower the hose that works with your anatomy due to its flexibility.

The hose is 2cm thick and has a single hole in the top of the hose and is readily available in 3 different lengths.

- Medium 25 cm.
- Large 33 cm.
- X-large 48 cm. (especially suitable for the really deep cleansing)

The longest seems to be hard to find in stock.

Made in pure Platinium silicone which is really easy to clean .

Tolerates both silicone and water based lubricant.

Manufacturer’s Review
The ultimate clean out accessory. Super flexible Pure Platinum Silicone for easy clean-out sessions. Will you be ready for the showers?

Easy Clean dishwasher safe

Fits all standard half inch threads

Available in 4 sizes and two colours

Super flexibility will adjust to your curves with ease.

Safe with all lubricants

Material: Pure Silicone

Brand: Sport Fucker

I plan on going back to the Sex Store and buy a longer one for my travel. 

I can’t enough of this nozzle. It feels so damn good inside of my pig-hole.

Too bad I can’t find this stud to use that long nozzle on my pig-hole while I am in Amsterdam next week.
Oh, and the Sports Fucker too.

So before you grease your ass up to take one of these…

Get in the shower and clean your pig-hole out with the Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose.

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