Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Early in my life as a Cock Sucker

I learned to Respect those Men with huge Cocks.

Those were the men that sought me out to use for their sexual pleasures.

Those were the Men who had sexual needs that exceeded the average 

Man. The Men that other faggots turned away from.

Since those younger years when a young Black Man with a huge uncut cock 

made me his sex toy and fucked me every chance he got, I have made it an

 important point in my life never to refuse giving myself to a Man because

 of the size of the meat hanging between his legs.

There is something very special about feeling a man thrust his manhood 

deep inside me as deep and as hard as he can.

Then giving me the glorious reward of feeding my body the ultimate 

essence of himself as he plants his seed deep inside me near my heart.


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