Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, March 6, 2016

5-1-20XXb - Men's Room Pleasure

Had a meeting to attend in Raleigh this particular evening.

On the way home, I stopped by the local adult video arcade with g-holes.

After paying my admission fee I headed off to the video arcade area.

Once back in that area, I went in the bathroom to check things out.

There wasn't anyone at either one of the urinals so I decided to check out the stall, hoping someone would be in it.

The door was open and there was this guy standing in front of the toilet taking a piss. He was a good looking average type guy with shorts on.

He motioned for me to come in with him so I did.

As I walked in the stall, he looked down at his cock and with his hand he stopped the flow piss.

I quickly sat down on the piss spattered toilet seat and open my mouth.

I offered my mouth to be his toilet to finish pissing in.

He had a good size cock in hands. It must have been a good 8 or 9 inches and fat. Damn nice cock to drink from.

He let go of his cock and the piss shot right into my mouth. I moved my head forward and sucked that pissing monster in my mouth.

I didn't want to miss a drop of his piss. Damn it tasted good.

I drank down the last of his piss. It wasn't that much.

You could tell he had been drinking beer. His piss was very drinkable.

I looked up at his face to see if he wanted me to keep working on his cock. 
I was hoping maybe for a load of cum too.
I noticed he had a name tag on. One of those paper sticker type.
It had Ray written on it.

I could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying me working on his cock so I continued.

He had a nice cock to suck and chew on and was enjoying my work on it.

I reached in his pants and pulled out his balls.
They were shaved and flopped down on my chin.

He had nice low hangers and they were nice size. They were the right size for his cock.

(Personal note: Ever notice how some guy’s balls just aren't the right size to match cock?)

I got my hands on his balls and started playing with them while I made love to his cock. He liked having them pulled fairly hard, so I moved on down and sucked them into my mouth.

This guy started moaning and telling me how good my mouth felt on his cock and balls. The door to the bathroom opened and you could hear someone walk in and go to one of the urinals.

We had not shut the door to the stall we were in. It's a fairly large stall, big enough to be a handicap stall. Big enough also for several guys to have sex in at the same time.

It sits behind the urinals being separated from them by a concrete block wall.

I could hear the other guy that just came in was taking piss.

The guy I was with grabbed his cock and fed it me so I could continue sucking it.

I heard the other guy flush the urinal and zip up his pants.

As I was licking the shaft of the cock I was playing with, I glanced around this guy’s thighs.

Standing in the door way of the stall was a Hispanic guy. He must have been the guy that just took a piss.

Fairly skinny and he had shorts and t-shirt on.

He just stood there watching me work on Ray's cock.

At one point when I had Ray's balls in my mouth, the other guy moved over swallowed Ray’s cock.

He deep throated Ray’s cock so our faces were right there together.

We both looked at each other and smiled with our mouths full.

Together we worked Ray's cock and balls.

Then he came up off Ray's cock and pushed it down for me to suck some more.

This guy knew how to suck cock.

Most Hispanic men that I have seen there only want to get theirs sucked and then leave.

He raised up Ray's shirt and started licking his nipples.

I could tell Ray liked this because his cock throbbed in my mouth.

The door to the john open again.

I could hear someone else enter the room.

This guy walked right over to where we were as if he had radar.

He was Hispanic also. Shorter then the other one and a little more pudgy.

He reached down and started rubbing his crotch right away.

The first Hispanic guy started rubbing his crotch also. He was working himself pretty steady through his shorts.

He swallowed Ray's cock again, deep throating it and then he started to moan.

He had made himself cum in his pants.

I watched him as he let Ray's cock slide out of mouth and as he started to leave, I saw a wet spot on the front of his shorts from where he had shot his load.

It looked as if he had dumped a good size load in his shorts.

He left and the other Hispanic guy moved closer.

I reached over and undid his jeans.

As his jeans dropped to the floor, I pulled a nice brown uncut cock from his jockeys and let them fall down with his jeans.

His cock was rock hard and ready.

I slid off the toilet and down on my knees in front of him. As I played with his cock and his foreskin, I put that beauty in my mouth and started making love to it.

I love to suck uncut Hispanic cock. Especially if it's a little cheesy and sweaty.

His was just way too.

While I was making love to his cock, he went down on Ray's hard cock.

Man, I was in pig heaven.

I reached down and pulled my cock out and started working it.

Just as the Hispanic guy shot his load in my mouth, I dumped my load on the floor. Then I heard Ray start moaning.

I let go of the cock in my mouth and turn just in time to see Ray shoot his load.

I moved as quickly as I could to get my mouth on his cock to get some of his cum. I got as much of it as I could.
he Hispanic quickly put his cock away and left.

Damn, two cock sucking Hispanics in one day.

Like I said earlier, It rare to find that here.

After Ray and I got ourselves in order and started to leave, I said to him: thanks Ray, that was great.

He turned to me and asked how I knew his name.

I pointed to his name tag and he turned red in the face.

I could tell he was embarrassed that he had left it on.

I was glad he had, I like having a name for the face that's attached to the cock and balls I have been working on.

I headed on home for the evening.

Stopped and got fried chicken for dinner.

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