Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Thanks for the party / Greenville"

Wow, what a party! (Past event from 2015)

So many Hot men having such Hot sex.

The shed was my first place to connect. Sucking cock, armpits and getting fucked. Seven guys within the first 30 minutes for starters. One guy fucked me for a while getting my hole ready for a busy night. Another Hot stud sat on my cock and rode it for a while. Then I got to fuck him with my new uncut dildo for while. WOW!

Hot Fucking Sex!

Inside the house the sex continued. More cock sucking, kissing and fucking. Every man I kissed at the party was a great kisser. There was plenty to drink and food to eat if you were hungry and there was no attitude.

The sling room got jumping when I took one Hot stud in there and opened up his ass so he could take my hand. A good crowd (a few guys) watched as I slowly open his ass up enough to get my hand in it. Damn, he had a good ass. It felt so fucking good with my hand in it. After I fisted him for a while, a stud wearing a jock strap, wanted to fuck him some. He put his cock in the greasy hole and went to town fucking it. Then he stopped fucking and announced to everyone that he needed to take a piss and was going to use the ass he had his cock in as a toilet. He was going to piss up his ass and then let some thirsty pig drink it out before he went back to fucking it. You could tell when he started to piss. The guy in the sling got this nice content look on his face as his ass was being filled with warm piss. Then the guy pissing stopped pissing, pulled out, squatted down and sucked his piss out of the toilet hole he had just filled. With a wet face smelling of his own piss, he stood back up and drove his cock back into the toilet hole and started to piss some more. This time when he pulled out, I got to bury my face in the sloppy toilet hole and suck the piss out of it. Damn it was some good tasting piss too. Hot fucking piss from the hole I fisted earlier. After the stud fucking him finished, I got to play in his hole some more with my biggest toy, Bam. 12’’ long and fat. I got to play with that toy for a little while in his freshly fucked, fisted, and pissed in hole. WOW, Hot as Hell!!!!!

From the sling room I headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms where I got my ass plowed good. The guy who fucked me dumped a huge load up my ass. From there I headed back to the shed to find one hot stud that I knew would suck that load out of my ass. I found him and this pig stud sucked every fucking drop out of my ass. Then I kissed him and he fed some of back to me. What a fucking sweet tasting load too.

Next I ended up in one of the slings with a stud wearing a leather vest fucking the stars out of my ass. What a fucking. He made my hole feel so good. It felt so good it had to have more and more I found.

Later on while having a beer and taking a break, I got invited back to the sling room by the stud I had fisted earlier. He wanted to return the favor and fist me. We headed off to the sling room and I got my ass in the sling. He greased up his hands and proceeded to plant one of them in my hole after a nice slow opening. After a short while, we moved to the floor. I got on my hands and knees and he buried his hand back in my ass again. WOW, what a fucking hot ride I had on his hand.

After getting my hole fisted, the sucking and fucking continued.

Upstairs I got a fat cock up my ass. The owner of that fat cock rode my ass hard and long. When he finally pumped my ass full of his cum, we headed off to the john where he filled my belly full of his piss. It was Good beer piss too!

Counting the load of piss I drank from the stud’s ass that I fisted, I got to enjoy drinking piss from 4 cocks while at the party.

My buddy and I left about 2:30am to go back to our Motel room. Both of us left the party with smiles on our faces and happy holes and poles.

Sunday morning we returned to say Good Bye and Thanks only to get into some more Hot sex. I even got to watch my buddy get fucked in the sling in the shed. It was his first time ever getting fucked in a sling. Man that was Hot!

My thanks to the Hot stud who dumped his load of cum in my pants while I was fucking some Pig stud in the sling in the shed. That load felt good on my ass all the way back to Durham.

Fuck, my cock is rock hard just writing about all the fucking, fisting, sucking and piss I got involved in. I can’t wait until I get to attend another one of your parties.

Thanks again for a wonderful and Hot time.


  1. Dammit I can see the pics fine but can't read the text. :-(

  2. better? I hope so...Thanks for letting me know

  3. Much better! I need to get to Greenville now.


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