Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, March 18, 2016

Follow me - 1

Lead me not into temptation Father…

For I have sinned

I have danced with the one thought to be the evil one

oh hell, who am I kidding - I know the short cut now!

Follow me to the places that Enhanced Men go to meet other Men to have real Sex.

I have learned of these places recently in the darkness of backrooms and places with glory holes.

I allowed myself to be hypnotized by the great and grand swinging cock.

It lead me to the sacred waters of the Enormous Cock

I bathed in thee and my cock has grown.

Now I dwell in the land of hard core male sex with no rules.

Sweaty, Greasy, Deep Pounding, Man to Man Sex

Praise me Father

I have become like you

Anoint me with thee piss

Feed me communion from your own Cock and Balls

I live for Man, Cock, Sex and Cum

To have sex with other Men and to give them pleasure as
they pleasure me

My asshole has learned the ways of expanding to take what is given.

Father, share my body for your enjoyment as I enjoy your body.

Watch over me as I travel the lands in search of Men in need as I can fulfill their sexual needs with no questions asked and no Man judged.

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