Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Working the hOles

Greetings Readers

I spent the afternoon working the glory hOles at the local 
Adult Video Arcade today.

It was a good day so to say, but not as good as I was hoping for.

Since I am still getting use to my new prosthetic leg and foot, I am a little less aggressive as normal.

I sucked several nice cocks, got fucked by a couple and 
swallow a few loads.

I got to eat one really nice funky asshole too.

Most of the guys cruising the glory hole arcade today were all 
looking for Mr Right.

Too Bad, So Sad!

He was not out today. It must have been too cold for him 
to get out of bed.

No pictures today. All the cocks I serviced were either in the hallways or in the dark area.

Mr Dreadlocks had several cock sucking sessions with me before he finally fucked me and pumped my asshole full.

There was one guy with an uncut cock which was almost too 
thick to suck on.

Drained his big balls while two other guys worked on his nipples.

Not much to say about the rest of the guys, Just kinda average types.

Watch for my postings of the details in future postings.

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  1. Dude, you hit the cock on the head, there is no funner time than working a busy gloryhole, with a fresh bottle of poppers, I go down to the local colleges baseball field, where I have drilled a nice 7 inch diameter g-hole, love the younger guys that slam deep, dump a large load, and keep thrusting, working out 2 sometimes 3 more loads of thick lumpy cum, especially love the hung guys with nice hangers, that take pride in giving a cocksucking cumwhore like me a messy facial


Hey Stud, let me know what you think of my post.
I hope it made your cock rock hard and you blew one hell of a load.....