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Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, July 14, 2016

MiddleEasternMen – Love not War

MiddleEasternMen – Love not War

If more MiddleEastern Men would make love with other Men instead of War, this world would be a better place.

Not too long ago I was working the Glory Holes at one of the local Adult Video Centers.

I was in the video booth area waiting for someone to enter that needed some attention to his manhood.

The Guy that appeared out of the entrance hallway looked to be MiddleEastern.

He looked very much like this guy.

After walking around for a few minutes, he finally went in one of the video booths that had a glory hole in the wall into the next video booth.

I wasted no time in taking occupancy of that empty video booth.

After shutting and locking my door, I kneeled down in front of the round hole in the wall and peered into the video booth the good looking MiddleEastern guy was occupying.

I watched as he unzipped his pants and reach inside them. He pulled his cock out and started to stroke it as he watched the movie playing.

I laid my finger in the glory hole so he would see that I was interested in giving him the pleasure he was there for.

It wasn’t long before he saw my finger and turned toward the glory hole. 

That is when the musky odor of his manhood flowed through the glory hole and into my nose.

The musky odor of another man’s cock and balls must be one of the most perfect scents in the world.

He then stepped forward and pushed his cock through the round cut out into my space for me to have.

This is what he pushed through the glory hole.

His cock was lighter in color then I expected. But this didn’t stop me from what I knew I had to do.

I had to make love to this cock and give this handsome man as much pleasure as I could.

Without any hesitation, I took that wonderful cock in my mouth and with my tongue I cleaned the day off of it.

Then I started to make love to it. Sucking on it and licking it. Enjoying every bit of it.

This stud had trusted me with his manhood and I was not going to let him down.

He was in no hurry to get off and let me suck on him for quite a while.

This made me happy because I really get off on making love to the manhood of MiddleEastern Men.

I get off on showing them that Americans like myself knew how to respect another man and make him feel good. There is no hate when it comes to sucking cock.

Finally as his cock got harder and fatter, he pulled it out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

I watched through the hole in the wall as his cock shot its load. His cum shot and landed on the floor just below the glory hole that had allowed me to give him the pleasure which lead up to this moment.

I continued to watch as he milked the last of his cum out of his cock. It too dripping to the floor.

Then as expected, he put his cock back in his pants and zipped them back up.

He turned, unlocked the door and exited the small video booth.

I quickly got up from my kneeling position in front of the glory hole from where I had given him the pleasure he had enjoyed.

Exiting the video booth I was in, I went into the one he had just left.
I wanted to smell his intoxicating odor in that small space and see the puddle of his essence on the floor.

Here is a picture of the puddle of his man fluids he left behind after my mouth work on his cock for someone else to clean up.

He had left his mark. The right kind of mark. Not the harmful hateful killing mark like so many are leaving around the world every day.

Maybe other MiddleEastern Men will learn from him and share themselves sexually in a good way with other Men.

Make LOVE not war. Share peace and not kill one another.

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