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Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Washday Fuck

Washday Fuck

Today has been a much unexpected fun day. (Sunday Afternoon Washday)
I am currently having issues with my washing machine so I have been having to go to one of the local laundromats in town to wash things.

I took my dirty items in and stuffed them in one of the washing machines and then loaded it up with quarters to pay for using it.

Then I decided to go to the convenience mart next door to get something to drink.

The store is run by several dark skin men. They could be Middle Eastern or from Northern Africa. We will get to that shortly.

When I entered the store there were two lines of customers waiting to pay for their stuff.

I noticed the two dark skinned men behind the counter but really didn’t pay much attention to them.

I figured I would get to see them up close when I had to pay for whatever I got to drink.

Usually when I go in there I am impressed with how good looking and built they are.

When I approached the counter both lines of customers were gone.

I was happy of that because I could have some extra time with the clerk if I could.

Damn this fucking clerk was unreal.

He was about 5 and half feet tall and a nice fit looking body.
Short dark hair and a making of a mustache.

This guy was extra nice to me and I caught on to it quickly.

I asked where he was from and he told me he was from northern Africa.

After I paid and he bagged my stuff, he stepped back from the register.

Then he grabbed his crouch and smiled at me. Then he licked his lips and nodded his head.

I nodded back and made comment to him that he had a nice size bundle down there to grab.

That’s when he asked me if I wanted to see what he had in his pants.

I smiled and told this dark skinned guy sure I wanted to see.

Then I had him but where could he show it to me.

I watched him as he turned and said something in a foreign tongue to the other cashier.

The other cashier said something back to him and then he had a big smile on his face and he grabbed his crouch.

They both started laughing together looking around the store for customers.

The clerk I was talking to turned toward the back of the store and told me to follow him.

I grabbed the bag with my drink in it and walked toward the back of the store following his lead.

He opened the door to what looked to be the back storage area.

Once we entered the back storage area of the store, he shut the door and locked it.

Then he leaned against a stack of boxes of beer and gave me access to what I wanted.

He crossed his arms and let me get to his manhood.

I knelt down in front of him and pushed my face into his crotch.

Through his jeans I took a deep riff of his musky crotch smell.

My head got a little spiny and the musky aroma aroused me.

Damn that odor was incredible.

Then I took and undid his jeans. Slowly I unzipped them.

As I pulled his jean fly open, I once again buried my face into his crotch to breath in that musky odor.

It smelled as if he had not washed his crotch area in a couple of days.

I looked up at him and told him how good his crotch smelled.

Then I reached inside and pulled down his bikini type underwear.

There laying across his leg was more than I would ever dream would be.

His cock had to be a good 8 and a half or 9 inches for dark black meat.

I reached in to his underwear and pulled out his two bull size balls.

Again I took a deep breath and took in the musky black man odor of his crotch.

I knew I had hit the jackpot.

You like, he asked me.

Damn right I do I answered.

You suck and then I fuck you? He told me.

What the fuck, damn right I replied to him.

I wanted all of the black cock I could get.

I was pleased he was uncut. His foreskin was wet with pre-cum.

Most men from that part of the world are Muslim and are forced to be mutilated at birth due to their religious rules.

To please this stud, I took his foreskin in my mouth and pushed my tongue into it to clean out his man head-cheese.

His skin was ripe with that musky man cheese.

Then I slowly swallowed his cock. It was only semi hard so I was able to swallow all of it at first.

As I began to suck on his cock moving up and down on his black shafted cock it began to get hard in my mouth and grow in length.

His cock tasted so good. I would swallow as much as I could and gag on it. 

He seemed to like having me gag on it.

I made sure I licked both his balls clean from his sweat and got down between his legs as much as I good.

As I made my way back over his balls and up his cock, he stood up and turned around putting his ass in my face.

I was blown away with the smell of his ass.

I watched as he pulled his cheeks apart and told me to clean his ass for him.

His ass smelled unclean but I didn’t care.

I buried my face in his crack and took another deep breath.

My tongue dug in and I licked his asshole with eagerness and abandonment.

His ass tasted almost better than his cock did.

After I licked his ass clean, he turned back around and fed me his cock again.

I knew my face smelled of his ass and could still smell his ass on my beard 
and mustache.

I was one happy pig.

Within a few minutes of giving me back his large black cock to suck, he told me he was ready to fuck me.

I got as much spit on his cock as I could.

Then I stood up and undid my shorts. They dropped to the floor.

I pushed down my underwear and presented this black African stud my white ass for his enjoyment.

As soon I had braced myself on the stack of beer that he had been leaning on, he pushed his cock up against my asshole.

I took a deep breath as he pushed his cock into my hungry hole.

I wanted his cock in me and I wasn’t going to fight it in any way.

Slowly he pushed his big uncut sloppy cock into me inch by had inch.

I had lubed up his cock pretty good with my spit.

It felt so good having this black stud take control of my asshole.

When all of it was buried in me, he asked me if I was good.

Sure I told. Enjoy the ride.

He wasted no time and sliding half his cock out of me and then pushing it all the way back in.

Slowly he started off but quickly pick up speed and force.

He was on a mission and was on the speedway to his reward.
Or is that my reward?

He fucked me as deep as he could and was slamming my ass hard.

It felt good having his big low hanging balls swing forward and slap my balls.

Over and over again he slammed into me.

It wasn’t long before he was to fill my ass with his male essence.

That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted him to plant that seed deep inside me so I would know that I had just been fucked good and hard by him, an African stud.

I wanted him to breed me with his foreign cum.

He slammed is big black cock hard into me almost knocking me over.

That would have been one big mess to clean up if we would have knocked over that stack of beer.

I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me as his big balls pumped his essence into my ass.

Where the fuck had this dark skinned stud been every time I had a customer in that store?

I don’t know, but I hoped this would not be a onetime thing.

After he had pumped his seed into me, he slowly pulled that big dark uncut cock from my ass.

I quickly turned around and once again dropped to my knees in front of him.

Now I was after his cock again to clean my ass juices and his cum off his sloppy floppy cock.

He was glad I knew how to take care of the fucker after the fucking.

The sloppy mess on his floppy cock tasted really good.

I worked my tongue under his thick foreskin and cleaned it out too.

I wanted every bit of that man as I could get.

I heard him say whew as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

The back area of the store was not air conditioned as the store was and both of us worked up a big sweat. The area smelled of him.

While he had been fucking me, his sweat had dropped onto my back. At one point he pushed my shirt up so his sweat would land on the skin of my back.

When he had enough of my mouth cleaning his cock, he pulled away from me.

I watched as he pulled up his underwear and laid his cock back across his leg in them.

Then he pulled up his jeans.

That’s when I got up from my knees in front of him.

After getting his pants done, he told me to wait for the other guy.

I watched as he unlocked the door and opened it.

That’s when he disappeared back into the store.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I was not expecting to suck the guy’s cock nor get fucked by him.

Now the other guy was coming back there for something with me.

I sat back on the stack of beer boxes and took a couple of deep breaths.

I needed to catch my breath.

Then I adjusted my prosthetic leg from where I had been kneeling.

I was head tripping from the experience. Damn I felt good.

The door to the back room opened and the other clerk entered the back room.

He was not as tall as the other and not built as well.

When I could see his face well enough I could tell he was a few years older than the first one.

You suck me he asked me.

Do you want me to I asked.

He walked over to where I was.

I stood up and he and I changed places.

He was now in front of the stack of beer boxes where he could watch the door as the other guy had.

Even though he had locked the door, he still needed to see it.

Again I dropped to my knees in front of this guy.

He stood there as I pulled his sweat pants down in the front.

Out popped another oversized black cock. This time the cock was cut.

As before, the area filled with the musky scent of his crotch.

My head began to spin as I took in this incredible smell.

I kissed the head of his cock and looked up at him.

May I suck your cock I asked him?

He nodded yes and I took the head of that black cock in my mouth.

His cock grew quickly as I swallowed it making me choke on it.

He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my throat.

Very quickly his cock pumped his load down my throat and into my gut.

He quickly pulled his cock out of my throat and flipped it back into his sweat pants.

Then he motioned for me to get up and pointed toward the door.

Thank you he said to me. No other words said as I exited the back room of the store.

He followed me and went back to his cash register.

I nodded to the first guy as I passed him and exited the store.


What a fucking experience while my dirty clothes were being washed.

I hope this adventure in laundry land happens again.

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