Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rear Cum-Dump

Rear Cum-Dump

On Friday I posted that I had a really good day at the local Adult Video Arcade working the Glory Holes for Cock to service.

I had arrived there just past 1 pm and I left for the afternoon around 3:30 pm.

The adventures I had that after noon were quality.

The last Adventure was with the younger Redneck Alpha who took control of my asshole and fucked the hell out of it with my new dildo and then his own over-sized fat uncut cock.

He strategically planted his load of Alpha Male Essence 
deep inside me.

Well late Friday evening after having that load of cum inside my ass, I finally shit it out around midnight.

I was impressed on how much cum was inside of my ass for 
all those hours.

Throughout the evening I had been having cum farts and really felt good about the performance of my asshole throughout the adventures with him.

I will be posting more details of that adventure soon 
here on my blog.

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