Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PissFreely – Uncut

PissFreely – Uncut

I get turned on when I get to watch another man take a piss.
I really get turned on when another man freely 
feeds me his piss or pisses on me. 
Using my mouth as his own personal urinal.

I believe that men should be able to piss where ever 
they need or want to.

Pissing Freely

Not just when they are drunk and are showing off their cock, anytime and anywhere they want to.

Following I am posting some pictures of men pissing.

Most are freely pissing where they want to.

My cock really hard to see an uncut cock pissing.

In the pictures I post of men with Uncut Cocks are pissing,

Check out where their foreskin is positioned.

Is it covering the head and they are pissing 
through their foreskin?

Is it rolled back some to show just some of their cock head?

Is it rolled back enough to see half the cock head?

Is it completely pulled back off their cock head?

Do you have a fetish for watching men with 
uncut cocks pissing?

My favorite is watching a men piss through his foreskin. 
Letting his piss splatter wherever it lands.

Check out these pictures I found on the internet of men who are uncut pissing.

As usual, comments are welcum’d.

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