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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Priest Work - it is never done

Priest Work

As an outsider looking in to how the Catholic Church works, I have noticed that the Priests seem like their work is never done.

There is so much they have to do to keep 
their flock intact and happy.

Even with his Priest in training by his side, there is so much a good Priest must do that the public should not be aware of.

It should happen flawlessly.

The young Men of the church flock must be taught to love themselves, their Priest, their fellow Man and God

They must be taught to pray and thank God for giving them each other to help each of them grow into fine Men.

Some being Alpha Top Men and some into Bottom Pigs and those into the Pigs that are both Alpha Tops and Pig Bottoms

The young men of the Priest’s flock need to be taught how to suck cock and give other oral pleasures to other Men.

The young Men of the Priest’s flock need to be taught the value of consuming their fellow Man’s essence of life. 

His cum. 

His seed.

How to appreciate that sharing of the Holy Seed

Each of the Priest’s Flock need to learn that it is of great respect to clean another Man’s cock after fucking an Ass rather it be their own or another member of this Great Holy Flock the Priest has.

Following then he will clean the Holy Seed from the bottom’s asshole so that none of the seed is ever wasted.

Each member of the Priest’s Flock should go forth and give honor of all men of the Church and those of other religions.

All Men are created equal when it is in the name of God and to enjoy the sexual pleasures two or more Men can have together.

There is so much work a Priest must do with his flock of young men.

I myself have learned many sexual things from Priest willing to guide me sexually in the name of our Holy God.

He, the Priest…must teach his flock how to go into public and cruise other men to offer them the Holy Pleasures.

Together, the Priest and his flock will enjoy the complex and the simple pleasures of being a Man.

Thanking God for all their gifts that they share with other Men.


This could be our next Christ that we will bow down to.

He will present a cock like this for each of use to worship and give praise to with our bodies.

No questions asked

All sins forgiven

All sexual pleasures enjoyed


Disclaimer – Posting: Priest Work

This posting was not written and posted as any Hate toward 
any people or religion.

It was written for entertainment of the reader in however 
he wants to mentally enjoy it.

I as the author of this Blog respect the right to worship however you feel in your heart is right.

Many Religions around the world still believe being Gay is a sin.
In some countries being Gay is punishable by death.

No Man or Woman should be condemned and murdered just because of what is natural to them and given to them by whichever God they worship.

Enjoy this posting here at my blog.

Check out older postings and return in the future for new postings.

Maybe one or more of my posting will spark something new and 
enjoyable in your life.

All Men are created equal in this world.
Some are Tops and some are bottoms.

Some like myself are Pigs who enjoy which ever role I need to assume so that all involved in the sexual act with me are enjoying it 
and feel sexual gratification afterwards.

As usual, comments are welcome and appreciated in respect to my writings and my will life adventures.

All pictures have been downloaded from various sites on the internet.
I do not claim ownership to any of them.

My writings are my writings and are not intended to offend anyone directly.

Praise be to the God being that made each of us Gay
Hopefully someday all of the peoples of the world will accept us and LOVE will be everywhere.

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