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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Roles in Life being a Gay Male

Roles in Life being a Gay Male

Top – Bottom

Master – Slave

Daddy – Boy


Which are you?

Where do you fall sexually?

Are you a Top or a Master?

Are you a Bottom or a Slave?

Are you a Daddy or are you a Daddy’s Boy?

Labels - Labels – Labels

Maybe you are just a Pig. A guy who really enjoys every aspect of 
Gay Man to Man Sex.

When I was a younger gay male I was lucky enough to have a Mentor.

A guy who taught me the ins and outs of gay sex at the time.

Yes he was a Top Man, but he didn’t just be a Top.

He taught me to take the situation by the public hair and do whatever it took to get things happening and everyone walking away satisfied.

He taught me how to be the dominate one in charge of the situation and how to be the passive one who was still in charge.

I learned how to be a good slave to any and every Master 
he introduced me to.

I took slaves and used and abused them as they required.

Any Daddy was proud to have me as their boy and the boys knew I was in charge when I was their Daddy.

I learned how to use my head and I was knew when not to let 
my head get in the way.

When we parted our ways after a long friendship, I was proud to call myself a real sex PIG.

When I had sex with other men, everyone walked away happy.

Most of the time I was walking bow legged, but damn I was a happy PIG.

All through my life I have looked at situations with the thought of what would it take to make it end right.

Sex was then and still is a big part of my life.

Yes, the surgery last year changed a few things, 
but I still never let my standards down.

My Mentor was a Bull of a Man.

200 pounds of solid muscle and meat.

Stocky built with the attitude to match.

He had tough nipples and a hard chest.

His cock was thick like a beer can with a thick foreskin that extended over his cockhead when he was rock hard.

Below hung two bull size balls that loved attention.

Around back was an ass to die for.

His asshole was ready for action all the time.

He could just about take anything another man would try to put up it.

He is the one that taught me always have a clean asshole. You never know who or when someone might want to fuck you or play in it.

Like I said, this guy was a Bull of a Man.

I referred to him as my Bull even though he had a cock like a horse.

Many of times I watched men try to take his hard thick uncut cock up their asshole and couldn’t.

That’s when he would bend me forward and slide it into my asshole 
with no problems.

It was all in where I put my mind at the time.

Bull thought me how to access the situation at hand before 
committing myself to the sexual request.

Is it do able?

Is it worth my time?

Will everyone get off on it?

Will anyone get hurt?

Will I enjoy it?

Do we have everything needed to make it happen?

I have always followed his teaching and will say it never let me down.

I never saw him and the guys he was fucking with walk away unhappy…

I want to share with you some of the details from a party I was invited to when I was in my early twenties. 
This was after my Mentor had let me go out on my own.

Following will be a posting about a Leather Sex Party I was invited to and the details of some of the sex I participated in.

Bull was there also and he and I made sure the party ended well.

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