Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 29, 2017

AlphaNigga on the DL

AlphaNigga on the DL

This is a story of an AlphaNigga on the DownLow

This is this AlphaNigga

Being an AlphaNigga he likes both



One day he was enjoying this

Enjoying eating some of this


No matter how much of this he was getting

All he could think about was this

After enough of this

He got his clothes on and went hunting for what he really wanted.

And then some of this

This is all he could think about

He knew where to go hunting for it

There was always this to be found there

This sign said it all

He arrived horny for some White Ass

He was ready

There is the Men’s Room

Was waiting a White Pig

He was offering what the AlphaNigga was there for

The AlphaNigga had what the white pig needed.

The AlphaNigga wasted no time getting what he wanted/needed

When he had buried his load deep inside the white pig

He was one of these…A happy AlphaNigga

This story is proof that this


Is what a Real BlackAlpha Needs to satisfy himself

Before he left the Men’s Room, he marked his spot

Happy Hunting in 2017

Enjoy these BlackAlphas on the DL

Looking for some white Ass to fuck…

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