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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Eleven Commandments of a Pig Bottom

The Eleven Commandments of a Pig Bottom

1.  Thou Shalt Always Be Prepared to Bottom
If you’re going to bottom, come prepared to bottom.
Be clean, be committed, be submissive.
Do not, however, be lubed. Because the top chooses the lube.

2.  Thou Shalt Provide All Supplies a Top Might Require
Bring needed supplies.
It’s your job to bring supplies like lube and condoms.
But many discerning tops only want to use spit, so you may have to take him without lube and with more friction. Deal with it.
the bottom should provide all the supplies — lube, poppers, towels, etc. unless agreed upon earlier.
There’s nothing nicer than a bottom who gets me off and when I roll off him, he sucks me clean then he gets up, brings a warm wash cloth and wipes up my cock then dries me off. That is full service. The following selections are suggested:
Lube (each clearly marked)
·       A silicon clear
·       An oil-based clear
·       A non-irritating lotion
·       A warming lube 
Poppers (to keep fresh, please keep in darkness)
An option like Jungle Juice Black Label, Pig Sweat or Taiwan Blue.

3.  Thou Shalt Not Demand Any Assistance to Prepare for Being Fucked, But Thou Shalt Help a Top Prepare to Fuck
Assume that if you have a gag reflex and can’t take his cock all the way down your throat, that your ass will just have to make up for what your mouth can’t do.
Getting your dick sucked, ass rimmed and/or fingered is at the top’s discretion. Understand if he sucks your dick, it’s because he like to suck dick…it just happens to be your dick. And understand that if he takes the time to rim you, you’re about to get fucked the way he wants to fuck you.

4. Thou Shalt Anticipate a Top’s Needs
If your top wants you to blow a load before he fucks you, get to work jerking it.
Yes, we know it’s going to hurt more when he fucks you after you’ve already nutted. If he’s asking, it’s obviously the point that he knows that and wants your hole super sensitive so that you really earn his cum. Time for you to bite that pillow.

5. Thou Shalt Vocalize Pleasure and Not Pain, Unless Your Top Demands Silence
Your top has control of a lot, but whether you moan while being fucked isn’t always one of them.
Some bottoms can just take more than others and vocalize that proportionally. That said, if he wants you to talk to him, he’ll fuck it out of you. And if all you can say during the first few thrusts is “ouch,” or “slow down,” or “easy,” expect him to put you face-down on the mattress or stick his underwear in your mouth. He has to fuck his way through the pain so you can start to feel the pleasure, so stop running away.

6. Thou Shalt Allow the Top to Penetrate as Deep, as Rough and at the Pace He Wishes
Stop putting your hands against the Tops hips or stomach to try to control his depth/speed/roughness.
Bottoming is what you came here for, get to it.
After that, shut up and take it. 

7. Thou Shalt Not Touch Yourself Unless Ordered to Do So by the Top
Don’t worry about jacking yourself off.
Focus on the pain and the pleasure your top is giving you with his cock. If your top wants you to get off, he’ll either tell you to stroke it, or he’ll do it for you. It’s not his job to make you cum, it’s his job to fuck you how he wants to. The better job you do, the more likely he might let you cum while he’s still inside you. Earn it.
A bottom shouldn’t need to be playing with his own nipples or jerking his cock or, worse, both. The Top decides that.

8. Thou Shalt Do as the Top Commands at All Times, Pay Attention and Ask If It’s Unclear
Don’t try to take charge.
Your top sets the pace. Don’t back up onto the cock unless he tells you to. Your top is not an amusement park ride, you are. He’ll let you know if he wants you to drive.

9. Thou Shalt Anticipate a Top’s Needs
Don’t be stupid.
Unless you have some prearranged, agreed upon commitment about something, it’s the top’s show.
He picks the positions. He picks the bed, floor, shower, etc. And he picks where his load ends up.

10. Do not say things you do not mean or can take
Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash, so be careful what you say.
Don’t say “anything goes” unless you mean it.
Don’t say “fuck me harder” unless you want to feel his girth for the next week.
If you call your top “Daddy”, or “Sir”, or “Papi”, or whatever, be ready for any role play that follows. Don’t bitch about it if you call him “Sir,” only to have him put your ass hole through a Seal training boot camp. Your ass belongs to him until he’s done with it.
If Thou Asks It, Thy Top May or May Not Grant It
The Top will give you whatever title he wants to give you. Follow through with what you call him.

11. It isn’t about you, it’s about the Top. Period.
Really understanding this eliminates the need for the other ten.
Thou Shalt Focus All Thyself on The Top
The most successful bottoms have always expressed this. There’s this joy that comes from them — their jizzjoy — from the cum deposited in their ass.

When some Tops cum and hear a bottom sigh from that, he knows he got someone who really enjoys what he just did.

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