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Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Healthy Reasons Men Should Be Masturbating More!

Happy Masturbation Month

May is Masturbation Month

Let’s Celebrate . . .

Healthy Reasons Men Should Be Masturbating More!

Yep – it’s really true.
Spanking your monkey on a regular basis may help your mood, reduce stress and add years to your life.

Masturbating tonight creates a healthy tomorrow

Masturbating can help you possibly live longer

It can help You look younger

Masturbating will make You live healthier

You’ll feel more chillaxed after masturbating

Masturbating will help You feel better about yourself

It will lift your mood

You’ll sleep better after masturbating

Masturbating before bedtime will help cause pleasant dreams

You’ll possibly prevent prostate cancer

Masturbation is s form of harm reduction & safer sex

Masturbating expands your pleasure capacity 

It is: The Natural healer

It gives you something to do when you are alone

It gives you something to do with your friends

Masturbation cleans out the "pipes"

Masturbating empties your balls of that load of Males Essence

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