Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Glory h0le Work – 1a

Glory h0le Work 

On this day working the holes at the local Adult Cinema, I had a very good day.

I was dressed like a Redneck Faggot – Torn blue jeans, t-shirt and boots.

And my goal was to suck as many Black Cocks I could

Along with any other cocks that were available to give pleasure to with my mouth.

Being an Enhanced Male, this is what I am there for.

This cock was attached to a middle aged Black Man who had an average build.

I could tell he was quite pleased with himself by the way he carried himself.

When he entered one of the video booths I knew exactly what he wanted.

Just before entering the video booth, he gave his crotch a nice tug signaling me that he wanted me to have what was inside his pants.

I followed into the next video booth which was empty. I knew there was a nice oval glory h0le cut in the plywood wall that separated the two booths.

Inside the video booth, I locked the door and then kneeling down in front to that glory h0le I readied myself for the job I was hoping for.

I glanced through the glory h0le to see he had already undid his pants and had his Cock out.

I fingered the bottom of the glory h0le and he pushed his hard-thick Cock through it.

As you can see, he presented me with a nice piece of meat to enjoy while I gave it pleasure.

I gave it my ‘thank you kiss’ and then took a deep whiff of that wonderful piece of dark meat.

Damn it smelled good. Plus, it gave my head a nice little spin.

As you can see from the picture, I licked the head of that cock and then took it in my mouth.

I made love to that fat cock for about 20 minutes and it stayed rock hard the whole time dripping pre-cum.

Finally, the guy attached to it started to fuck my mouth through the glory h0le.

I knew exactly what he wanted.

He was ready to fuck some ass and that ass was going to be mine.

With a cock that nice in your mouth, a good cock sucker knows what to do next.

I got that thick Black Cock sloppy wet with my spit getting it ready to go up my Asshole.

Then I let it slide out of my mouth just before I stood up.

Wasting no time, I undid my belt and dropped my jeans to around my ankles.

As I turned my ass toward the glory h0le, I positioned it so as I backed up toward the wall, that fat Cock fit right between my Ass Cheeks.

All I had to do was wiggle my ass some and the head of that hard Cock found my Pig-hole.

I pushed back on it and that wonderful Cock popped into me.

Damn, that feeling was incredible. Having my Pig-hole stretched open that wide to allow a Man to enter me.

I backed my ass against the wall and braced myself as he pushed all the way inside me.

WoW, I was a happy Pig.

Not only did I get to suck on a great cock, now I had it inside me buried as deep as it could be with the Glory h0le between us.

I heard the guy attached to the thick meat inside of me moan and say something about how fucking good my ass felt.

Then he started to fuck me.

Oh my God, it felt so fucking good having my pig-h0le stretched wide as it was getting Fucked.

The Black Cock in my Ass got harder as it continued to fuck me.

I knew by the feeling of it growing and getting harder it wasn’t going to be long before it exploded inside of me.

While I was getting Fucked, my mind wondered off and thought about what the guy looked like Fucking me. Too bad the wall had to be between us.

I could have easily bottomed to this Black Stud and done anything he demanded of me.

I envisioned that he was a construction worker on break, there just to use a cock sucker like me to get his nut.

The guy Fucking me picked up his thrusting into me through the glory h0le.

His thrust also got more forceful as his body slammed against the wall that separated us.

I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer before this guy flooded my insides.

I felt good knowing he was going to bust his nut inside of me.

Breeding my Pig Ass.

Then it happened.

He slammed into me burying that thick Black Cock deep in me.

I could feel the hard Cock throb as it pumped thick cum inside of me.

I held my ass steady as he unloaded his big heavy balls in my ass.

God Damn it felt good being his cum-dump.

It is what both of us were there for.

When His Cock stopped throbbing from shooting inside of me, I pulled my ass off of it and quickly turned back around facing the wall.

Dropping to my knees, I took that sloppy Cock in my mouth to clean it off.

It was covered with his cum and my ass juices.

Being able to clean that sloppy Cock was my reward for being his Cum-dump.

That sloppy Cock drool and my Ass juices tasted so fucking good.

While I was cleaning that black Cock, it started pissing.

I gulped every bit of the piss squirted into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe this incredible fuck was going to end with this guy using my mouth as his private toilet.

Finally, he pulled his cock from my mouth and back through the glory h0le.

I watched as the guy stuffed that thick cock back into his pants.

Then he bent over and through the oval shaped h0le told me to be there in a couple of hours and he would fuck me some more.

What more can I say?

I had to change some plans, but I knew it would be worth it.

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