Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sex with a Male Amputee

Sex with a Male Amputee

Have you ever had Sex with another Man who was missing a Leg or an Arm or maybe both?

Maybe you didn’t know it at the time

I suck and Fuck many guys at the local Adult Video Arcade and they never know I am missing my foot 
and part of my leg.

Sometimes I wonder if it would matter to them if they knew my situation.
Then I think, what the hell, they are enjoy me sucking them or are being a real pig while I fuck their asshole.

Take the time and share yourself with a Man who has Limb Loss.

I bet you will enjoy the moment.

As an Enhanced Male, it is your responsibility to share your Enhanced Male Sexuality with All Men around the World.

Remember, through Love between Men, true Male to Male Love, we can make the World a Better Place.


I do not claim ownership of any of the pictures used in this posting.
I cannot and do not believe that all of the pictures used in this posting are real. 
Some might have been photo-shopped before being loaded to the internet.
All pictures used have been downloaded from various sites and collections of Men with Amputations.
I do not mean to exploit any Man with an Amputation.
These posting are meant to educate and hopefully sexually arouse the reader
All of the Men in the pictures used in this posting are believed to be of legal age and have consented to having their picture posted in the public domain of the internet and to be viewed, 
reposted and downloaded by other Men of legal age.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

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