Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 29, 2017

Why Do I Love Men?

Why Do I Love Men?

Men are Delicious!

Recently while I sucking on a nice uncut Cock at the local Adult Video Arcade, the guy attached to the cock made comment about how it felt like I was eating his cock.

He referred to me as a . . .

Hungry Cock Sucker.

He was right.

Now when I make love to a Cock with my mouth,

I really eat the Cock.
I devour the Cock.
I kiss it
I suck on it.
I chew on it.
I swallow as much of it as possible.
I move my tongue all over it.
I lick it.
I chew on it.
I swallow it some more

I make it feed me that wonderful salty Male Essence it pumps forth as my reward for doing a good job.

Why do I love Men?
Because they taste so fucking good.
Even the dirty ones taste good.

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