Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, December 5, 2016

Black Bull Cum - part I

Black Bull Cum

I had lost count of how many loads of Black Bull Cum I had taken up my pig ass, but I figured it must have been a lot since they sent in a guy to reach up in my guts and clean me out before the next go round.

His hand was covered with Black Bull Cum when he pulled it 
from my pig-hole..

I made sure none of that cum was wasted. It made great lube for him pushing his black hand back inside of me.

After the fisting, I licked his sloppy hand clean.

The combined taste of all that Black Bull Cum plus my ass juice was damn good. I almost blasted my load without touching myself.

It energized me for the next round of fucking I was due to get.

My night at the bathhouse in Detroit was better than I expect.

My white ass was popular with all the hung Black Bulls that were there attending a special Black Out event.

I asked when I checked in what the Black Out event was about. I thought it might mean all the lights would be off in certain areas.

I was wrong. The clerk who checked me in told me It was 
the Black Man’s night out.

The event attracted Black Men looking for white ass. The clerk told me that of the men there were Tops looking to 
pig-out with some piggy bottoms.

So far there were only a few white guys that had check in and a lot of Black Bulls looking to fuck.

I was also told it was an event that attracted a lot black men into kink. 

The clerk told me they had the space and equipment to use white bottoms without any objections to some wild kink.

I told the clerk I hit the right night. I loved black dick and I was in the mode some series strange stuff.

The clerk then asked me if it was alright to give my room number out to some of his special members.

I told him sure. Especially if it helped business for him. All I knew he might be going to pimp my white ass some for some extra cash 
for him and some extra fun for me.

I had gone to one of the bars in town earlier and had a few beers to drink, so I was feeling pretty good.

Plus I let these two leather guys use my mouth as their personal urinal.

Both of their piss had some residue from some type of drugs.

When I was still in my training back home to serve and deal with men in leather I was warned that I could get high from drinking drug laced piss.

The drug residue was one important thing I had been warned about when submitting to a man and drinking his piss.

Pure beer piss is best, but druggie piss could make the evening interesting.

I was feeling pretty cocky and ready for some series cock eating, 
fucking and head games.

I was ready to be the biggest whore there. My pig-hole was ready for a fun night. I had cleaned it out well back at the hotel.

I went up to my room and checked it out.

It was the typical bath house room.

Very small with a narrow bed and a mirror on each wall.

There was a locker in the corner of the room for me to secure my stuff.

Plus a small table like area for stuff like poppers and rubbers and whatever else stuff you needed for play.

I then decided to go check out the layout of the place.

The clerk told me he was assigning one of the located rooms.

I was surprised I was just around the corner form the entrance 
to the main public play area.

This play area was well equipment for some serious S&M type play.

I was already glad I had picked this city for some R&R.

I climbed up to the next floor and checked it out. There were private rooms like on my floor and a smaller public play space. Mostly mattresses on the floor and some raise platforms.

Then I climbed to the third floor.

This was the same with private rooms and then there were glory hole stalls and raised cock sucking platforms with porn being projected around the room onto large screens.

Each floor had a different theme to it.

I was glad my room was just around from the big public play space.

I understood later on that there were special themed private rooms also which had slings in them available for an extra cost.

Back to the floor my room was on so I could get undressed and prepared for a good evening.

Since I was told that there would be some kink and some strange doings, I decided just to wear my black work boots and my red jock strap. The jock strap would show off my white ass and I would have room in the shaft of my boots to put my condoms, tube of lube and bottle of poppers.

I laid out the dildos I had brought with me on the trip on the 
table next to the bed.

This always lets the guys coming in my room know what I was into other than them.

In the past at other bathhouses I would carry one with me when cruising the rooms and dark areas hoping to have some guy fuck me with it.

Even though I usually am a switch hitter, I was going to be a total bottom pig to any man that was drawn to me for some sex.

Check back for Part II of this Adventure where I share with you the activities I got into that night.

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