Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, December 2, 2016

Glory Hole Duty

Glory Hole Duty

Did you suck off an anonymous cock through a glory hOle today?

Remember, it is your duty as a cock sucker to be available at a 
glory hOle so men 

who need your mouth to dump their load into can enjoy having their cock sucked by you.

If you are not there to give them oral pleasure and be a cum dump for them to unload their balls into, they might go 
somewhere and fuck some nasty cunt

and deposit that load which was intended to be fed to cock sucking faggot like yourself.

Now get out there and get on your knees in front of glory hOle and swallow as many loads of male essence 

as is expected of you by the men on the other side of 
that wall that fed you their 
cock to make oral love to.

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