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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Respect- Thoughts on Serving Men
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My appreciation to the writer for posting his post. I have made some changes to fit my thoughts on this subject.

Respect- Thoughts on Serving Men

Sometimes, I think that too many cocksuckers don’t show the proper respect to the Men that feed them are due.

I’ve been guilty of it myself, treating a Man like a walking sex toy, only caring about my pleasure ( even though my pleasure involves giving HIM pleasure) and not really thinking about the Man to whom the cock I am sucking is attached.

Sometimes, we (and by we I mean cocksuckers in general) forget that there is a Man attached to that Cock lodged deep in our throats.

A Man who for just a few minutes or hours, deserves to feel like the king of the fucking universe.

He deserves to be admired for His Maleness, and appreciated for the raw masculinity that the very act of penetrating another human body implies.

Most Men may not admit to it, but They DO like to be told how good looking They are, or how good They smell, or how good They taste.

A lot of Men never hear that stuff from anyone. But They should.

I think that’s why I’m drawn to Men that most would describe as average or below average.

The Men most people would describe as HOT get all the attention they want and need.

The vast majority of Men out there don’t get it often enough.

Just look through the ads on Craigslist, or Manhunt, or Squirt.

Too many cocksuckers are too busy looking for porn star types to appreciate the Masculinity that is all around them.

Too many Men are rejected out of hand for being heavier, or older, or not having a huge Cock.

Just because a Man is a few pounds on the heavy side, or older than 35, or has an average sized Cock doesn’t mean he is any less a Man than the overly processed manscaped slabs that are held up to us in porn as paragons of Manliness. 

A lot of cocksuckers miss out on some outstanding Men because they are waiting for their fairy godmother to deliver the Man of their dreams to them in a nice little package (No pun intended)

Every Man out there has something about Him that makes Him attractive, and they all deserve to be appreciated for it.

And while I’m on the subject of respect, let me take a few sentences to talk about having the proper respect for a Man’s Cum (his Male Essence).

If I’m allowed to take a Man’s Cock down my throat, you better believe that His Cum is going to end up inside of me.

I may wear it for a while if He’s cum in my beard, but eventually it WILL be licked up and swallowed.

When a Man comes to me to be serviced, he has agreed to allow me, a complete stranger, to give Him an orgasm, and consume His Sperm. Rather he shots it down my throat or up my pig-hole. 

His DNA. His Essence gives Him the ability to help create a new LIFE if He chooses to do so.  

His DNA is going to enter my body through his Essence and become a part of me.

If I spit His Sperm out, I’m devaluing the very essence of that Man.

If I swallow His load of cum however, the message I send is that I respect you as a Male, and I want to make You a part of me. I will be a better man because of it.

In some way I like to think that the man I am today is made up of parts of all the Men I’ve serviced over the years.

From the time I swallowed my first load of cum at the age of 9, to the last load of cum I was given yesterday morning, (That’s 40+ years of Cum swallowing in case you want to do the math) I carry each of those Men with me.

To the Men who have allowed me to service them in the past, and to the Men that I have yet to serve, thank You.

(PS:  To any Men / Alpha Males or fellow cocksuckers reading this, I’d be interested to hear Your thoughts on this Topic from Your perspective. Feel free to leave a comment.)

This is a good summation of my thinking and good insight into what makes me “tick” as a faggot cock slut. 

Remember: Never spit out a man’s load on the floor.

Swallowing it is best…

Or just spit it out in a disposal unit like a trash can or toilet.

Last thoughts on the matter or Respect…

If your Alpha who just fed you his load of cum wants to use your mouth for a place to piss (be his toilet).

Gladly let him piss in your mouth. Taste it, Swallow it, feel it in your gut.

If your Alpha Feeder wants to fuck your ass, gladly and eagerly present it to him.

Allow him to fuck you and dump his load in your dark hole.

If he uses a condom, get that condom when his through.

Clean his cock

Then suck his cum out of the used condom.

Let that Man use you for his pleasure…

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