Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, April 28, 2016

8-21-XXXX FuckingTime

I had been working the glory holes at the local adult video arcade.

I wonder just how much money I spend there each year.

Back during this adventure, the cost of admission was just $5.00.

Now the price is $8.00 per person.

I was carrying one of my larger dildos and it was a good thing too.

I was invited to join this guy in one of the private video booths.

As you can see he had a really nice cock along with a nice fuck-able asshole.

We started off with a lot heavy kissing and progress our way to nipple play.

While chewing on my nipples he was eager to bury his nose in my armpit.

He couldn’t get enough of my raw natural Man stink.

It wasn’t long before he had my cock in his mouth.

I must say, he was one hell of a cock sucker.

He swallowed all of my cock and with his tongue made it pop up hard.

We switched places and I took his cock into my mouth.

Swallowing as much of it as I could, I to made his cock grow and get harder.

Slowly I moved my mouth down over his balls and worked my way between his legs to his asshole.

He turned and present his hairy asshole for me to bury my face as deep in it as I could.

As I was tongue fucking his wet puckered asshole, he begged me to fuck him.

My cock was still hard from where he had been sucking me do I straightened up and slipped my hard cock into his hungry asshole.

The inside of his asshole felt so fuck’n good on my cock.

I started fucking him slow and increased my speed with every stroke up into him.

He was moaning and groaning as I slammed my cock as deep as I could.

I reached over and grabbed by dildo from where it was laying on the stool.

While fucking him I switched from my cock to the dildo.

Holding onto the balls of the dildo I kept fucking him.

At first his moan changed to a whimper and then it went back to groan and now a grunt,

The asshole I was fucking was eating my dildo just like it was a real cock.

While fucking him, he would push his ass back toward me and wiggle his ass.

Over and over he pushed his ass back and he kept telling me how good it felt to be fucked by such a big hard cock.

He even commented on how he could feel the big balls slapping his.

The fucking went on for quite some time when I decided I wanted to get fucked too/

I told him what I wanted and he straightened up. I slowed down my thrusts into his asshole as he pulled off that big latex cock.

Turning around he took it from me and told me to grease up my asshole because he was going to fuck me like I had been fucking him.

Wow, I couldn’t wait.

I greased up my asshole with the lube I had used on his asshole.

Turning around presenting my ass to him, he was eager to get the head of the dildo against my asshole.

While I took a deep breath to relax some, he started pushing the big hunk of latex against my asshole.

Then it popped in and he paused while I took another deep breath.

With that breath he knew I was ready.

Slowly he slid the dildo into me and then pulled it out.

He sped up his pause and roughness as I had done.

That’s when he put his hand on my back and pushed downward holding me to the stool I was bent over.

Damn, that added so much to the fucking.

He fucked me hard for a while before I felt his load splatter on my ass cheek.

He had been stroking his cock every chance he got until he blew his load.

He slowed his pace and when I was ready he pulled the dildo out of my ass.

Both of us were happy pigs as we dressed and cleaned up the dildo.

I was shocked he didn’t give me his contact info.

He said he would be watching for me there.

Damn what a day working the holes…the glory holes and the assholes.

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