Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, April 25, 2016


I expect all of my men to relish in my stink from a hard day’s work.

I work very hard for a living, and I can’t be bothered to shower for these bookstore faggots.

I expect them all to grovel in the sweat of my crack and crotch, memorize the stink and begin to love it.

Real men stink because real men know how to work hard.

Smell my pits instead of doing a hit of poppers.

Smell my sweaty musky crotch.

Savor the smell of my sweat stinky asshole.

Dig your tongue deep into my asshole and taste my last shit.

Suck my dirty cock and get it hard.

Lick my balls cleaning them off.

Now bend over for me to fuck you.

Your asshole better be clean

I don’t fuck faggots with shitty assholes.

Enjoy my stink…

Enjoy the stink of Real Men…

Now clean your ass off my cock.

Clean it good and enjoy that taste that real men enjoy.

Open your mouth faggot

I need to take a piss and your mouth is going to be my toilet.

Aggghhh, swallow me…

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