Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hispanic Painter’s lunch break

I had decided to spend my lunch break this day at one of the local adult Video rental Stores which had viewing booths in the back area with Glory Holes.

After paying the cover fee, I had already checked out the Men’s room and there were not any guys cruising in that area so I headed back to the main area.

None of the video booths were occupied so I decided to take up my position next to the video booth that I liked the best. The door opened in the right direction and the glory hole was in the wall across from the wall where the chair was mounted.

This set-up gave the cock sucker the best access to the glory hole cock he is after.

Only a few minutes had pasted when I heard the buzzer to the door start to buzz. As 
I turned toward the hallway which opens up into the video booth area from the entrance door, I saw a dark skinned man enter the area.

As my eyes focused on him I realized he was Hispanic.

Now I was really excited. Something Latin for lunch would be nice.

He looked around and I could tell he knew the area as if he had been there before.

He walked toward me past the empty video booths.

I noticed his white jeans and his t-shirt had paint spattered all over. This is always a sign that the wearer is a painter.

While I was watching him check out the empty video booths, he stared me in the eye and then he turned his head toward the empty booth next to the one I was standing at.

I nodded at him to let him know I approved of him. I am always welcomed to Hispanic Men. I loved brown cock with foreskin, some musky head cheese and sweaty balls.

I watched as he turned and entered the video booth I was hoping he would pick. After he shut the door, I heard him lock it. He was there for the glory hole. Quickly I entered the video booth next to the one he had just entered.

After locking the door, I knelt down in front of the round glory hole that connected the two video booths.

He was standing in his booth and he was beginning to pull his cock out of his pants.

I attempted to get a picture of him through the glory hole.

This is what I have to share

Now I needed to let him know that I was there for him.

I placed my finger in the glory hole hoping he would be looking.

He saw it right away and turned toward the wall that separated us.

Stepping forward he aimed his brown uncut cock for the round hole.

Now I was a happy faggot. I knew he was going to give me his cock.

It surprised me when he only allowed his cock head to be in the round hole cut in the wooden wall between us.

With my thumb and fore finger I started to massage the shiny wet cock head the best I could.

I wanted him to know I was interested in what he had to offer.

Slowly he pushed a little more of his cock through the round glory hole.

This really exited me. Slowly he was offering his cock to be serviced.

Little bit by little bit he slowly presented me more and more of his manhood.

This allowed me to get my nose close to it and take the time to breathe in the aroma of his musky foreskin and enjoy it.

I also licked the wet cock head some to be able to taste the wetness. . . Taste his cock juices and sweat.

I could tell he was enjoying teasing me and making me wait until he was ready to give me all of his mighty uncut brown cock. His uncut cock was leaking some pre-cum for me to lick from his piss slit.

Finally he pushed more of his manhood through the glory hole into my space allowing me to wrap my fingers around it and move his wet foreskin back and forth over the brown cock head.

By now about 10 minutes or more had passed. I had enjoyed his tease and was hoping he was through with his foreplay.

Now was my time to taste this wonderful looking and smelling cock.

I wanted that cock bad.

He finally pushed all of his uncut brown cock through the glory hole to me.

First I gave it a kiss. This is something I do now with all the cocks I suck in public.

I kiss them as gratitude to allowing me to taste them.

With my mouth open, I took the wet cock head in and onto my tongue.

My appreciation kiss is something that some men have told me they remember from me sucking them before.

Strange what men remember?

As I closed my mouth on his cock, I heard the Hispanic on the other side of the wall let a loud moan.

This made me feel good. He let me know he liked the feel of my warm cock sucking mouth on his manhood.

Slowly I swallowed his cock until I had as much of it in my mouth as I could.

This is when I started to make love to the cock in my mouth.

Giving every detail of attention that I could.

Licking it, sucking it, swallowing it, and enjoying every bit of that cock.

Not only did it smell good, it tasted good.

He must have been sweating a lot at work because his cock was salty tasting and he had some head cheese built up in his brown foreskin.

Here is a good picture of what I had to enjoy. Notice the thickness compared to the thickness of my finger.

This Hispanic painter had more than his share of meat.

While I was making love to his cock, he kept moan and groaning.

This is what alerted me to the point that he was close to exploding in my mouth.

His moaning got deeper and his breathing got heavier.

I felt his cock grow in my mouth as it began to throb.

Then he said something in Spanish over and over.

Within seconds, his throbbing cock filled my mouth with a large load of his Spanish Essence.

I swallowed as he shot more and more cum in my mouth.

Then he tried to pull his cock out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

I grabbed hold to it and kept it in my mouth until I milked the last drop from him.

His brown balls must have been working overtime to produce the amount of cum he fed me.

I watched through the glory hole as he shook his cock before pushing it back in white painter’s pants.

Damn I was a happy cock sucking faggot pig.

I gave a great man the attention his cock needed and I had a nice stuffed burrito for lunch that day.

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  1. Fucking hot man! Love doing that same thing and also having it done to me! Made me hard this Tuesday morning, so maybe some lunch time fun is in my future!

  2. Fucking hot man! Love doing that same thing and also having it done to me! Made me hard this Tuesday morning, so maybe some lunch time fun is in my future!


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