Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, December 27, 2014

After work

After work I stopped by the local ABS that day.
There were a lot of cars in the lot, but inside not much was going on.

I Cruised around in the back area where the video booths are and found this little built guy to play with. He and I went in booth and got our pants down around our ankles quickly. I sucked him some. He had a real nice mouthful of cock. It was cut and he had low hanging balls. He let me suck and chew on his low hanging balls.

I licked under his balls and between his legs and then moved around to his ass. His Ass tasted really good. It was just dirty from all day use. Some sweat and some residue from wiping his ass after a shit earlier in the day. His ass tasted like a Real Man’s Ass should taste.

My cock was rock hard from eating his manly smelling asshole and he was opening up nicely. I knew my cock would slide into his hole with no trouble.

I pulled my face out of his ass crack and stood up behind him. Next I removed my PA and proceeded to slide my rock hard cock into his open manhole. Damn his ass felt good. I started fucking him and he started riding my cock.

This turned me on more and more and I fucked him harder and harder. I was fucking him so hard, that at times I had lifted him off the floor and he was hanging in mid air on my cock.

I fucked the little stud sweat manhole for about ten minutes. Then I noticed he was getting worn out. I let my cum start boiling in my balls and it wasn’t much longer before I was ready to dump my load up his manhole.

I slammed my cock deep in his hole and pumped my hot load deep into his guts. The guy just about fell over as I was pumping my load into his guts. I had to grab him around the waist and hold him up while I filled him up.

I pulled my cock out of his ass and he turned around, fell to his knees and swallowed my cum and shit covered cock down his throat. He expertly cleaned it up before pulling off if it.

As he stood up, he said to me, “I wanted your cum in my belly from the top, but from the bottom end was awesome. I just had to get a taste of it.”

We both pulled our pants up, stuffed our meat in and left the booth. He headed for the Men’s room and I headed for my truck.

Well worth the price I had to pay for admission.

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