Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, December 27, 2014

GuessRdABS Fuck

How do you like this cock?

This cock is one of the cocks I gave to Man-2-Man pleasure to.

Believe it or not
I didn’t back my pig-hOle onto it and ride it for the glory

I gave it good mouth to cock loving
Until it explodes one hell of a load in my mouth.

Not much later I passed the black guy attached to this cock in the hallway.

He told me he wanted a piece of my white ass and told me to 
meet him in the dark area.

In the dark area he pulled that wonderful cock out and told me to suck it again so it could slide up inside of me.

He mounted my pig ass and gave me one hell of a fucking in the 
darkness of that area.

Several guys watched as he pushed me up against the wall and rode my white ass hard, long and deep.

After a good fucking

He buried his hard cock deep me, pushed me hard against the wall
And blew his load deep inside of me.

Afterwards I honored him and his cock by kneeling in front of him and cleaning my ass juices and his cum off that incredible feeling fuck tool.

He honored me with a couple of squirts of piss.

I watched him stuff his limp manhood back into his pants and as he walked away from me he told one of the guys that had been watching that he could have sloppy seconds now that he had stretched my white ass open.

That’s another story…

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