Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Warning – the N word

Warning – the N word

From time to time I use the N word in my postings
I try to always use Nigga instead of Nigger.

Nigga to me means a Top Aggressive Black Man.
Nothing is meant in the negative.

I have a strong attraction to Aggressive Top Black 
men who like to Fuck.

Fuck my mouth, Fuck my throat, Fuck my pig-hole.


Aggressive Black men who like to use me and my body 
for their sexual desires.

If my use of Nigga in any of my posting disturbs you, then I suggest you find another post to read.

The word Nigga is used as a very positive and erotic name
 in my postings

Get over it or move on

I'll let just about any Nigga use my asshole for their pleasure…

which give me pleasure too...

Enjoy the follow pictures of Black Men I would gladly give my ass to and bottom to them.


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