Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Piss Anywhere

Piss Anywhere

Watching other men piss is a fucking hot turn on…

Drinking the piss of other men is a fucking turn on too!

That’s why I believe men should be able to piss where ever they want to.

Just pull out their cocks and let it flow.

Its one thing to get sexually excited watching another man piss.

It’s another thing to guzzle that special guy’s piss because he turns you on.

In fact, that’s how most of us faggot urinals start out; drinking men’s waste-water out of desperate desire to spend more time kneeling before them with their meat in your mouth and eagerness to please 
them with our submission.

Somewhere along the line, though, your piss-pickled 
brain’s chemistry changes.

That’s when you start asking your random gloryhole tricks if they need to piss, because; yeah, you’ll take that too…

We have also become more forward in public and now ask total strangers to use our mouths as urinals.

It doesn’t matter what the guy looks like anymore and you don’t really care whether it pleases him or doesn’t.

You want to consume the dick-tainted fluid rushing out of a man’s cock.

You might wonder, and ask if I’ve reached that point yet myself.
I’d draw you close and whisper: “Jest smell my breath…”

Then I would ask you, ‘ya gotta piss?’

Enjoy these shots of men pissing

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