Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gay Amputees

Would you have sex with a Man who is an amputee?

Maybe he is missing his arm, a foot or even a leg.

Just because he is missing a part or two of his body is no reason to have to give up having good sex with another man.

He still is a man who needs and deserves the exchange of male energy with another man.

Your comments are welcomed.

Your stories of sex with an amputee or if you are an amputee, your sex stories are welcumed.

I have posted at the end of this posting some pictures of men that are Amputees.

Missing a part or two of their bodies and in need of male to male sex just like the rest of the Men around them.

Here are some links to a couple of interesting stump fucking sessions with this sex pig who has a lot of good ass play videos to watch.

Stump fucking . . .

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