Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sore Ass Today

Sore Ass Today (That Day After)

I got bred pretty hard last night by a young, thin guy with a very very fat uncut cock.

He was young enough to have been my son.

He fucked me so hard that both He and myself were dripping in sweat by the time He was done with my hole.

He alternated between my ass and throat for about a half hour. 

For the next hour he just pounded my ass and then emptied His balls into my guts.

When He pulled out, He squeezed the tip of His cock and fed me the last drops that came out with His fingers.

Then he had me clean my ass juices and his cum off his fat uncut cock.

Although I wanted to keep His load inside me, I couldn’t resist:

I opened my hole and dumped his load into my hand to eat.

It was a massive load. And delicious.

He really got off on watching me eat his fresh load from my hole.

He fed me his cock again and pumped a load down my throat.

After I swallowed all of his load, he held my head with most of his fat uncut cock in my mouth and took a piss.

He had been drinking a lot of beer while fucking me so mostly he pissed warm beer into my gut with his load of cum.

Damn I was one happy Pig

But my hole is sore that next day from his uncut cock being so fat.

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