Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fuck like an Animal

Fuck like an Animal

“I want to fuck you like an animal.

I want to feel you from the inside.

I want you to fuck me like an animal!

Oooooh…. you bring my closer to GOD.”

The lyrics have never rang more true.

One may think of other Gods, but for me, it’s not even an internal struggle as to what God I channel when I fuck.

Jerking off is fun every now and then.

But a connection, whether through love or pure lust, 
has much more potency.

You will not rest until you give in and fuck or be fucked.

You are feeling the primal you becoming more and more the dominant force inside you, this is one of the steps you must finally take.

And as scary as it may or does seem, when it’s over you’ll never regret it and you’ll be proud of who you are.

Lose yourself in the flesh, piggy ones.

The feeling, the touch, the amazing joy of fucking and being fucked, of licking of swallowing.

Stuff and be stuffed by strange men.

Let them impale you on latex offerings as you impale them.

The odors of sweat, blood, spit, piss, shit and semen - these are your valuable gifts of Man.

Push your hand inside the bowels of your fellow pig and give of your own asshole the same way.

Feel his heart beat.

Feed him your fluids and drink from his holy cock his fluids.

Savour these sexual acts with utmost care and abandon.

And teach others to do the same.

Let this lust for cock and ass guide your path.

Let it guide your heart now and forever…

And you shall have this joyous feeling as many times as you wish to…

Go forth and have uninhibited sinful sex with every man possible.

Discover yourself and the role you belong in.

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