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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Daddy’s lesson on Posture and Position.

Daddy’s lesson on Posture and Position.

This lesson is not, repeat NOT, just for bottoms. As a top it is also your responsibility to know so you can train a bottom. 
Most will tell you the same thing about positioning your back, but they neglect one thing: understanding why. It is advantageous to not only understand the different positions, and their uses in pleasing a partner, but that when you are doing it right it can maximize your safety AND your enjoyment.  

The whole ‘push out ‘ to make it easier to enter idea is almost a moot point if you are properly educated on how your body works. There are dozens of muscles in the area that contract and flex based on the position of your lower back and hips. Many of the muscles that control bowel movements are involuntarily affected by your body’s posture as much as the position.  

What is in there?

As you can see, it’s not just a pipe, a tube or even simple at all. It took millions of years to get it this far, and while you don’t need to know ALL of this, there are some things you should know. 

I (the author original) have written previously about Pelvic Floor Exercises and their benefit to health and sexual performance, but here you can see the Levator Ani, which when combined with a few others create what is called the pelvic floor. The layman’s version is this muscle is not only what helps you when you go to the bathroom, it helps control WHERE YOUR PROSTATE IS. This means that as the bottom you can make it rub against your partner’s penis even more. Let that sink in a moment. 

By contracting this muscle (and yes it does take practice) you can create an internal sensation for your partner while boosting your own pleasure when this lifts. When you have an orgasm this muscle helps to pull and tighten bringing everything in line which is why people say the best feeling is being inside someone when their partner is having the orgasm because suddenly it goes from a silken glove to a spasming, shuddering grip around the penis. These exercises and a basic understanding really do change the way you experience sex. There is a reason why certain cultures practice sex as a religious act and see it as a source of supernatural power. This is part of that understanding. 

Squat don’t sit.

This trick isn’t one people think about often and they should. You don’t (or shouldn’t) normally walk around having bowel movements after a certain age. This is because your body has developed a muscle that keeps it SHUT when you aren’t in certain positions. This lets you walk, run, jump, all those great things without crapping your pants. Good yes? 

Well. When you’re trying to shove something IN there the principle is the same. That muscle (and many others) will work against you making it at best more difficult and at worst painful. Most of these are completely involuntary and you can’t train yourself to not have those reactions without compromising your normal function to one degree or another. 

There is, thankfully, a fairly simple trick to making that a non-issue and (as a bonus) give you the ability to use those automatic processes to increase pleasure with your partner. 

It’s all in HOW you sit and position your legs: by keeping your anal canal in a ‘squatting’ style position you keep the passage relaxed and open. When you rock your hips forward or back you cause the muscle that keeps you from going to the bathroom to tighten and relax, which is a desirable effect when combined with other movements and muscle exercises ONCE he’s inside. 

You’ll hear partners tell you that you are ‘tighter’ in certain positions or that it feels ‘better’. They are right, it does, but there is more to it than that and the nuances will be covered in the section on specific positions.   

Putting the prostate to work.

if you are gay and having sexy but DON’T know what the prostate is or what it does you are in trouble. If you are a top: finger your bottom boy and FIND it. You really cannot miss it under your finger because you will feel something different there AND your boy will let you know you found it because his body will light up like a Christmas tree. If you are the bottom boy in question do the same thing: get in there and FIND IT. It doesn’t matter which position you are in, you will want this knowledge so that when this all comes together you blow both of your respective minds.

If the prostate is in the proper position it’s a win win. The top and bottom both get increased pleasure from the experience: the top gets to feel your button rubbing his head and you get to feel his head stroking your button a WHOLE LOT MORE. Instead of screaming deeper, harder, faster.. you can make it happen for yourself as well. 

In to win.

This part is fairly simple: if you think about the previous points it should be clear now that when your back is arched and legs are in the right position everyone wins. If you lose control and go for one of those ‘constipated contractions’ you’re going to force him out by changing the angle of the hole he’s trying to get in. It’s a defense mechanism, but if you want to bottom you really should try to control that one. As a top you should also help them by keeping a hand on their lower back as a reminder, especially early on for them. Also be aware that it may have been involuntary because you caused pain. Check in, talk to each other and be smart about it.

Keep your ass pointed at the same angle his cock is at as much as possible. 

Tab D goes into hole A, but only if A isn’t bent at the wrong angle. The consequences are painful shoves, a lot of popping and in general a much rougher ride going in than it should be. You want to conserve that energy for a long ride instead of wasting it just getting in the door.

Getting down to business.

All of these are examples and basic training guidelines. You do not have to , nor should you, use nothing but these when having sex. On the contrary, try anything that sounds fun. 
When you are in ‘cowboy’ position:

Keep your back upright and keep your hips angled like you would be squatting if your legs are at your sides or ACTUALLY squatting if you aren’t doing a seated cowboy.

When you are in ‘doggie’ style position standing up:

This one is THE most complained about posture because it’s easy to get lazy in (as the bottom) which makes it more difficult. Keep your lower back down, arched upward while keeping your hips rotated to match his entry. 

When there is a height difference this can get tricky if you aren’t careful. 

There IS a point at which you can’t point your ass up any higher which means your partner will have to hunker down behind you to enter properly.

When you are in Doggie-style on all fours:

Anytime your back is facing his stomach you will want to heed the same advice. The difference is that when you are on all fours/hands and knees, you can control exactly where your ass is aimed and how you position your prostate to be stimulated. Keep your back arched up, keep his dick in your hole by maintaining a kneeling ‘squat’ position and keep your body where you want it to be to get the most out of it. Keep it up, keep it in and keep it on target.

When you are laying face down:

The rule is the same here for what you do with your ass. If you lay flat, the hole is out of alignment and is going to make things less pleasurable for the both of you. Face down, butt up. Simple no? You’d be amazed how many bottoms/tops don’t get that part. With the ass raised up, penetration is easier, deeper, and stimulates that boy-button a WHOLE lot more.

When you are face up:

This position is one of my personal favorites for a number of reasons. Not only do I get maximum penetration depth and have complete control over the stroke, but I get to see my boys face AND feel his feet braced against my chest. Having the feet (like in the illustration) positioned with knees together and up on their chest brings the entire lower anatomy in line with the downward stroke. This means a great deal of pleasure for both of you but also gives the bottom ‘breathing room’ to relax for a while. 

I personally change positions often but usually end with this one because it means the only thing he has to concentrate on is the feeling of me inside him.

When you are on your side”

There is a strong temptation in this position to move around a lot, to stay pressed against your top and in general to try to be ‘active’. What is important here is that you keep one or both (preferably) of your legs tucked upward. This again allows for greater depth and pleasure on your part. If you don’t you move things out of position. I personally prefer the T position, where the boy lays on his side and I am seated behind his ass because it puts my head in a different position and increases his pleasure.

In conclusion:

When you combine the knowledge of anatomy with understanding of posture changes on the position of internal organs, you not only make sex safer and easier but you make it a much more enjoyable experience. There is no losing here. It’s a very small amount of effort and self control, even with the exercises which take a minute or two a day, to change sex forever. 

Say goodbye to “grunt-grunt” and say hello to “oh shit, oh fuck”.

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