Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Bent Over

I recently received an email from a real Redneck Type fuck-bud of mine.

He looks like this fellow. Long hair and a nice big cock.

He told me he really missed fucking with me and hoped we could get together soon.

He said he has had the thoughts of strapping on a huge black rubber cock

Getting dressed up like some type of futuristic soldier

Strapping on his black dildo

And fucking the living devil out of my pig-hole for as long and the two of us could take it.

Then plug my hole

Drink a few beers and go back at until his army showed up to take over his prisoner, my ass.

Have them suit me up in their rubber gear

Drink their golden nectar from their mating tools.

One by one I pleasure their cocks sucking them, chewing on their balls and licking their raunchy assholes

This army of rubber clad men stuff my pig-hole with various size probes

They mount me as if mating with me. Fucking me wildly.

He watches them as he drinks another beer.

Letting them one by one deposit their prize cum up inside of me.

After they finished with me, he is going to fist me using their cum as lube

Then he will let them use my asshole to bury their fist taking control of me and dancing me around the room.

Until I beg Satin to call home his demons.

I look forward to my Redneck weekend.

Sound like fun to you?

It does to me.!

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