Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, June 2, 2016

International Buffet

International Buffet

It was the Tuesday after Memorial Day and I had some time to check out the local video store which has glory holes in some of the video booths. 

Plus there is a dark room for open public play. Most cock suckers in my area know this video store well.

I arrived around 2:30 pm that afternoon and as I paid my $8.00 cover charge to get into the video booth area, the clerk told me that he had an international buffet of men in the back.

Then he told me he had an Indian, a Yankee, a bunch of Blacks, some Mexicans and of course the regular group of White guys with a 
couple of Rednecks tossed in.

After he gave me my ticket, I hurried on to the back to see 
how accurate he was.

I checked out the group of Men cruising around in the video Booth area. 
I was really impressed.

I never saw the Indian guy. Not sure if he was India type Indian or if he was an American Native type Indian.

I sure did find the black guys and made sure that they got hold to my ass and buried their big uncut cocks deep inside of me.

After being fucked by what I thought were big black cocks, I hooked up with this Redneck dude I had never seen there before.

He enjoyed having me make love to his massive white cock but was looking to fuck some ass.

I offered him mine and he gladly mounted me from behind and stretched my asshole open more than the black guys had.

I took a short break to get my asshole ready for more of whatever it would be needed for when I was cruised by one of the
Hispanics that were there.

He was looking to get fucked and I gladly pushed my eight inch uncut dildo deep inside his puckered asshole.

First I buried my face in his hairy ass crack and got a good 
taste of his brown hole.

He enjoyed getting fucked and was really turned on when one of the black guys got in line to fuck him.

While that one fucked him, his buddy took another turn at my asshole and played ‘hide the black dick in the white pig’s asshole.’

Damn I love playing that game.

He pulled out of me and replaced his cock in the 
brown hole of the Hispanic.

The black guy who had been fucking the Hispanic disappeared down one of the hallways.

I pulled up my jeans and went back to cruising the hallways for something new and different.

That’s when I ran into the yankee. And I mean ran into.

We both turned a corner at the same time and crashed into each other.

We ended up in one of the private video booths and enjoyed a lot of kissing and then some serious cock sucking.

I was impressed. He was a pretty good cock sucker to be 
from out of town.

Well, he was such a good cock sucker he sucked my load right 
out of my balls.

After him, I decided it was time to head on home.

Anyhow, the place had died down a lot.

I was quite proud of myself.

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