Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, June 6, 2016




Lurking underneath the
 underwear of every nigga is a monstrous cock beast just waiting to break free and tear into your white hole over and over.

Just imagine what this monster cock looks like 
when it’s hard!

It’s still soft…

Can you imagine when it’s hard and sliding into your hungry hole how it’s going to feel.

Now imagine how it’s going to feel fucking your sloppy asshole hard and deep.

Think about when it finally breeds your hole and pumps all that nigga cum into to you.

Then you get to clean that big black dick after it slides out of your sloppy asshole.

Do your duty to the black race and let a black man have his way with you.

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  1. Oh yeah! Love to have my white holes stuffed with hot black meat.


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