Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, January 20, 2017


It started out just like any other day at the bookstore.

The only thing different was that it was just a few days 
before the Holiday.

I was wearing my usual cock sucking Army gear.

I had my camera in my back pocket, a dildo in one of the front pockets and plenty of lube and condoms in the other with a full bottle of poppers.

When I got to the video store, there was a hot looking construction worker buying a bottle of lube when I went up to the counter to pay.

He was real dirty with red dirt this area is known for all over his pants.

I bought my tokens and headed for the back.

There were several nice-looking guys in the back area where the video booths are and a few old men.

The old men were the regulars that seem to be there every time I go.

I noticed a nice looking black guy standing on the larger side of the video booth area.

He was wearing an “Astro’s” jacket and he had corn rowed hair.

I approached him and he said he wasn’t interested right then.

I figured I would try him again later. Something about him was Hot.

I went over to the other side, the smaller side.

I could hear a video booth running so I went in the one next to it connected by a glory hole.

I took my camera out of my pocket and knelt in front of the hole so I could check out who was in the next booth.

I could see a fairly young guy playing with his cock as I peered through the round hole in the plywood wall.

To get his attention, I fingered the glory hole.

He stuck his hard cock into the hole and right into my mouth.

The young guy had a nice size piece and it was easy to suck on.

I took a few pictures of his cock while he had it stuck through the hole.

I even took one of me sucking his cock. They are the hardest to angle and get a good picture.

I sucked on his cock for about 5 minutes and could tell he wasn’t going to cum that way.

I came up off his cock and decided to see if he would let me in his booth. I was in luck; he let me in the booth.

When I entered his video booth, he was standing there with his pants down around his ankles and his rock-hard cock in his hand.

He looked down at his cock and asked me to continue sucking on it.

I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock without wasting any time.

He let out a moan and said to me that he liked it better this way.

I eagerly sucked on his cock while he watched the movie. He was watching two Hispanic guys fucking on the screen.

The next thing I knew, his balls started to draw up and his legs stiffed.

Then his cock exploded in my mouth.

I swallowed his cock all the way and started milking it with my tongue.

That is when he reached down and grabbed the back of head and kept it buried in his crotch.

He wasn’t going to let me move until he had fed me every drop of his cum.

Then he said out loud, “Damn, fuck that was good!” and he let go of my head.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth and looked up at his face.

He had a grin from ear to ear and sweat dripping off his face.

I stood up, bent over and pulled up his pants for him.

Next I stuffed his limp cock into his underwear and looked him in the face. He was still grinning.

I told him thanks for the load and that I hope we could do it again.

He shook his head yes and said he would be looking for me.

Then he told me he liked having an Army boy suck him off. I told him I was an Army of one, out to serve as many men as I could.

I went back out into the hallway to see who else I could serve.

As usual, the guys standing outside the booth gave me big smile. They got to listen to me suck that young guy off.

I went back on the other side to check things out.

I saw the door closing to the last booth so I went in the unoccupied video booth next to it. Again, I dropped down to my knees and peaked through the glory hole.

I saw a hand grabbing a mound of jeans and rubbing it.

I fingered the glory hole hoping the guy was looking down.

He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his underwear.

The guy started stroking his limp cock trying to get it hard before sticking it through the glory hole in the wall.

I fingered the hole some more and then stuck my tongue through the hole. 

I wanted to get his cock while it was still limp.

I really like sucking on a soft cock and feeling it grow and stiffen in my mouth.

I was in luck. He laid his soft cock on my tongue and I sucked it into my mouth.

I started making love to it and could feel it start to grow in my mouth.

As this guy’s cock got harder in my mouth, I noticed something rough on the side of it. I came off his cock and started stroking it so I could check it out.

About half way down the shaft, he had a wart. It was about the size of a pencil eraser.

I had the camera out, so I took a few pictures of this guys cock. Then I went back to work on it. I wasn’t afraid of the wart.

It was my duty as a glory hole cock sucker to give this guy oral pleasure.

I didn’t want his load of cum, but I did want to make him feel good.

I figured that this was the only way he could get anyone to suck his cock.

What a shame, it was a beautiful piece of meat and it was about 7 inches long.

I finished up after sucking him for a few minutes by stroking his cock.

Then I went back out into the hallway.

There sitting on a stool in the hallway was the construction worker that I saw when I bought my tokens.

I had not seen him there before and figured he must be working at one of the local job sites.

He was stroking a nice-looking cock while sitting there.

I walked over to him and grabbed his cock. I pushed his hand away and started stroking it for him.

He seemed to like it so I decided that his cock needed sucking instead of stoking.

I squatted down in front of him and went down on his cock.

He stayed seated on the stool while I sucked on his piece of meat.

After a few minutes, he moved his butt to the edge of the stool and stiffened his legs.

He was ready to feed me his load. I continued sucking on his cock and I started pulling on his balls some.

It wasn’t long before he jerked real hard and then he let his load dump into my waiting mouth.

While his cock was feeding me, his body continued to jerk.

I had to grab hold to his legs to keep from being jerked off of his cock.

Finally, he stopped jerking and I milked the last of his load from his cock with my tongue.

One last jerk and he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

As I stood up in front of him, I could feel the dirt from his pants on my hands.

I reached up and started to rub both my hands over his belly and his chest, wiping off the dirt from my hands.

As I turned to move away from him, a Hot Bear who had been watching reached out and grabbed my ass.

I stopped and reached down and grabbed his crotch. He had a nicely packed crotch so I decided to see what he wanted.

He let me pull his cock out of his jeans and play with it some.

As I started to drop to my knees in front of him, he reached out and pulled me back up. He leaned toward me and told me he was too close from watching me and he didn’t want to cum yet. I replied back that I wanted it later then when he was ready to cum.

Next to the Bear was standing a guy with dark hair and glasses on. He had been watching also.

I reached down to his crotch and found a hard cock laying trapped there in his pants.

He reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

I grabbed hold to it to discover it was uncut.

He was the first uncut cock I had found that day.

I felt one of his hands on my shoulder and he started pushing down some.

I wanted some of that uncut cock so I let him push me down to my knees in front of him.

I wasted no time getting my nose up to his uncut cock.

After taking a deep breath in I took his foreskin in my mouth.

Slowly as my tongue worked licking his cock I swallowed it.

He was glad to have me down on my knees in front of him.

There I sucked him for a while.

He too wasn’t ready to cum, but told me I was going to get that load before he left.

I felt somewhat like a cheap whore going from one cock to the next. But, that is what I was there for…

Sucking as many cocks and swallowing their loads of cum as possible.

Enjoy these pictures of cocks I have sucked through glory holes on other days of being a glory h0le pig.

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