Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



It supposed to rain today around noon time and all afternoon.

That should make a great day at the local Glory Hole Arcade.

All those horny Niggas around here in town can’t work and usually end up at the Glory Holes looking to have their big black cocks serviced.

With it raining I can’t go and provide them my mouth and ass to use while they are on break from working construction and landscaping jobsites.

There are so many that gladly fuck my white ass while on break and then are horny to fuck me again later.

Just thinking about sucking those big black cocks as the guys stand in line waiting to feel my mouth make love to their cocks.

Then me giving up my hungry asshole for them to fuck and dump their loads of Alpha Black Man cum inside of me. Making me want more and more as the next horny nigga slides his hard cock inside my 
hungry puckered asshole.

As he begins to fuck me, the stud that just bred me moves around in front of me allowing me to clean his cum and my ass juices off his sloppy monster size cock.

I never let a nigga put a sloppy cock from my ass away in his pants without cleaning it off first.

Giving these nigga good head and providing them a hungry asshole to fuck keeps them coming back to be serviced by a hungry white pig faggot.

I can never get enough of those big black cocks…

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