Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Unexpected RAPE

It all started that night in the Adult Video Arcade.

You had been working the glory holes sucking anonymous cocks and swallowing their loads.

As a cock sucking pig, you were proud of yourself.

You thought you were the best cock sucker around.


Then you saw him. He looked like a fucked-up freak.

You could smell him. He smelled raunchy and of strong sex.

He had his shirt off and his pants down around his ankles.

Stroking his huge uncut cock.

As he looked at you, you could feel him crawling into your head.

He commanded you to be his.

He got dressed and exited a back door of the club and waited for you in the alley.

In your head you could hear him ordering you to follow him.

He told you that he had something special for you.

You couldn’t say no.

Your belief was that he was going to feed you his cock and have you swallow his cum.

You wanted him now. You had to have this freak.

You wanted the cock he had teased you with.

The cock he had lured you into the alley with.

You approached him.

Sure of yourself.

He orders you down on your knees in front of him.

Now he feeds you the cock you want.

In your head you hear him order you to swallow all of his manhood and feed from it.

You provide the best cock sucker service to this freaky man making him moan and groan as he laughs and calls you degrading names.

Commanding you to suck his cock.

Forcing you to swallow all of his cock and choke on it.

Gagging from not being able to breath.

Then without any warning he kicks you and pushes you down on the pavement of the alley

He continues to kick you and hit you.

You become his human punching bag.

As you roll over to protect yourself you feel your pants being ripped down.

He climbs on top of your back and forced his huge hard uncut into your asshole.

Not expecting this, your asshole is tight and he rips through it as he forces himself up your ass.

You hear him telling you to open your asshole or he would destroy it.

Then he tells you that he is going to rape your faggot asshole in the name of his savoir the demon from below.

He fucks you hard. Harder then you had ever been fucked before.

His groans are now growls and howls.

He is the demon from below raping your pig asshole.

Making it his.

As you scream out in pain he covers your mouth and whispers in your ear that screaming will not help.

Your asshole belonged to him and he was going to fuck it like it deserved to be fucked.

Like a pig should be fucked.

The smell of his raunchy body increases making your head spin like a good hit of poppers.

You were becoming addicted to his odor and him raping you.

You grunted like the nasty pig he was making you into.

As he fucks you, he starts to slap you and punch you some more. Slapping your head and ass. Punching your back.

Beating you hard. But it felt good to you.

Over and over you heard him tell you that you now belonged to him.

Mind, body and soul… and asshole.

Finally you feel his already huge cock grow bigger and thicker inside your pig-hole.

Inside your head he told you to beg for his load as he was ready to pump you full of his seed.

His God Given Male Essence.

You could feel his massive uncut cock throb inside of you as he pumped you full of his satanic seed.

Making you his whore.

His fuck hole.

His cum-dump.

Then he pulled his cock out of you and pushed to the ground again.

 Aiming at your open mouth from you trying to catch your breath, he begans to piss.

He screamed out loud to you to drink his piss as he used you for his toilet mouth.

When he was done pissing, he dropped down on your chest and forced his nasty raunchy cum covered cock into your mouth.

Clean it you nasty pig he ordered.

Then he told you to never let a dirty cock from fucking your pig-hole go away without you cleaning it first and then offering your mouth as a toilet to the Top that just used and abused you for his enjoyment.

You laid there as he pulled his cock from your mouth and climbed off of you.

Within seconds you heard new voices and felt hands grabbing your arms and legs.

You were dragged through a doorway and into an abandoned Men’s Room off the alley on the back of the video arcade building.

Here a group of nasty raunchy men started fucking your mouth and your ass.

They too were rough and the dark room smelled of their raunchy bodies and the hardcore sex.

One by one they took turns fucking the living shit out of you.

High on the aroma of the dark dirty men’s room and the smell of their swe

You were being raped by the gang that followed the crazy fucker who had just raped and used you for his demented pleasures.

These were his demonic servants.

While you were being raped over and over, one of satin’s servants appeared in your head.

He ordered you to give yourself to the dark side and serve the strong men of the world.

To give yourself sexually to them letting them control my mind, use my body and rape my soul.

Never saying No for them to use you.

He promised a transformation into a super sexual being who could not be hurt and could do all that was told.

You would be a sex pig that all men craved and sought after.

As long as you never forgot that God created you and his demon servants controlled you only for the moment of pleasure.

You would live for dark sex with men fulfilling their desires and giving them ultimate enjoyment.

Never to let go of your standards but still pleasing these men from the dark world you would rule.

What your life will be or has been after being raped


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