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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Things to do in 2017

Things to do in 2017

A few years ago, I was introduced to this idea that there are…
“Enhanced males” by one of my fellow bloggers.

It means: men tuned up to the masculine. Call them Men of Cock.

He recently (in the past few years) created the term
 “Enhanced males”.

There is nothing evil, nothing wrong with this condition, 
it is a gift to society.

These “Enhanced Males” are not just Alpha Pig Males, they are also the bottom pigs that serve Men.

They are not just Men with huge oversized cocks.

They are not just Kinky Men or Men who dance on the wild side.

They are any Gay Male that shares himself with other Men.

Man-sex is about two guys identifying with each other in every aspect of their being, which is necessarily male and sexual.

I Believe…

We should love, appreciate and accept anything another 
man offers us.

This is what I believe is part of being any “Enhanced Male”

Giving ourselves to other men for their sexual pleasures and male intellectual needs.

Taking what they give us.

Being open, giving and nonjudgmental to the needs of men.

These men don’t need to be gay. They can be straight or bi.

Any Male from anywhere around this world.


I have always believed that Homosexuality is a gift from God.

In 2017 there are things we as “Enhanced Males” need to do to prepare and better ourselves.

I will be posting these suggestions as 

2017To Do Item’ as an ‘Enhanced Male’ / (subject)

These will be things I think we need to do to in 2017.

When you complete one of my suggestions and would like to share your experience, please share with me and I will share with my blog readers.

Remember these are only MY suggestions as what one should achieve to be the “Enhanced Male” who is responsible for giving of themselves to other men to achieve sexual pleasure, intellectual pleasure, male to male contact without any hang-ups and more Peace in this world where 
there is so much hate and anger.

The anger Men have should be directed to enhancing their sexual energy as they share it sexually and mentally with other Men.

Enjoy my Blog in 2017

And thank you for taking the time to read it.

Please make comments and suggestions to the email address above
Or post them in the comments box at the end of the posting it pertains to.

Happy 2017

his blog can be found at

Check it sometime and let him know what you think about his thoughts.

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