Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy Snowy Weekend

So it snowed last night, and it’s cold as fuck today.

I like winter, but really, all I want is a warm body pressed on top of me right now to keep me warm.

That body being attached to a horny nasty pig wanting to fuck around all night to stay warm.

If you live in the Mideastern and Northeastern parts of the US, chances are you are snowed in right now.

It is a frosty wasteland out there.

All you can really do is hunker down, eat all of the snack food in your kitchen, and look at dirty pics online.

To commemorate the first snowfall of 2017, here’s a bunch of nude dudes frolicking in the snow.

The weather sucks, but at least there are drunken idiots making naked snow angels in it somewhere.


Let us know what you are doing to keep warm.



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