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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 27 – My Thoughts

January 27 – My Thoughts / Commemoration in Memory of the Gay and Jewish Victims of the Holocaust.

On January 27 each year, the United Nations (UN) remembers the Holocaust that affected many people of Jewish origin and Gay people during 
World War II.

This day is called the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.
It also commemorates when the Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland on January 27, 1945.

If you have a weak personality, do not read further…

The honor these victims, find a nazi scum and fuck the hell out of them before beating the shit out of them
Show them no mercy as it was not shown during the war in the camps and on the streets of Germany.

It is a shame that people still worship these fuck’n evil bastards
Anyone wearing the nazi symbol in the gay lifestyle should be treated as the victims of the Holocaust were treat by the nazi asshole warriors who abused and executed them.

I believe that most Nazi soldiers where closeted
They fucked the gay prisoners and forced them to suck their nasty dirty nazi cocks before they tortured them.

I read somewhere several years ago that the Nazi were jealous of Gay Men because they would find and have sex freely with other Gay Men.
Gay Men enjoyed life and enjoyed sex with other Men

Nazi soldiers were very jealous of any Gay Man who’s cock was larger than their own.

Pictures used to illustrate this posting were downloaded from various Tumblr collections.
I believe these pictures are not copyrighted and free to be used.
I claim no ownership to any of the pictures used or the material either copied and posted or modified to 
meet my standards of being myself.
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It is intended for adults to enjoy.
I do not endorse the content of blogs or sites which link here or which are accessible from this blog.
This blog has no commercial intention whatsoever, is not sponsored or payed for.
I do not believe in using pictures of young men who are under the legal age to be photographed nude or 
having sex with other young men.
 I am not into violate sex where men are hurt by other men or mentally damaged.

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