Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Do Something Different Today

Hey Stud
So you just found my blog and read some of my adventures…
You want to do something different today?

How about getting up off your sweet ass and taking off that dirty under
gear you are wearing and send it to me. I bet you even have a couple of
loads of cum in them from being on the internet looking at pictures of
naked men doing what real men like to do and reading my adventures.
Be sure to include your email address in the package so I can let you
know that I received your stinking smelly under gear.

Put it in a plastic bag, then a plain brown envelope and mail it to me

I’ll send you a new pair in exchange if you put a note in the package so I know where to send them to and what size you want.
My address is:
P O Box 15487
Durham, NC 27704

Cum on now and send me your dirty raunchy pissed cummed stained under
gear. I want to smell where you cock has been laying, smell you piss and smell were you smelly, sweaty ass crack is.
I bet you wore them the last time you went out cruising and had a
quickie in some dirty men’s room or bookstore.

It can be any type from Jockeys to boxers to jockstraps to just about
whatever you wear under your pants. I get off on smelling them all.
Trying to figure out how big your cock is and what it looks like by the
way the pouch is stretched out.

Is it uncut or cut?

Knowing what color your pubic hair is because there is one or two there also.

Knowing you might have been wearing them the last time you took a piss into a public urinal.
I’m looking forward to receiving a package from you with your dirty
under gear in it.

NO SCAT – Just plain ol’ dirty smelly Men’s underwear.
Sam Bear
This Blog’s owner and Author

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