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Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 ‘To Do Item’ as an ‘Enhanced Male’ / Sucking Cock

2017 To Do List Item

2017To Do Item’ as an ‘Enhanced Male’ / Sucking Cock

This is one of the items I thing we as ‘Enhanced Males’,

‘Men giving themselves to other Men to promote 
sexual satisfaction’

Should achieve this year.

Sucking Cock

Every well-developed Enhanced Male and those seeking to better themselves should suck more cock in 2017.

Either as a bottom or as an Alpha Top

There are a lot of cocks that need sucking

In public Men’s Room…

In Bathhouses and Bars…

In Adult Video Arcades

In private behind closed doors…

We should suck more cock

Giving the Men attached to those cocks

The sexual pleasure they deserve.

And when the cocks we are sucking erupt in out mouths,

We should gladly swallow that load of cum

Making that man part of us.

Respecting him and the Pure Male Essence
He has just fed us.

I have posted some pictures found on the internet to illustrate this important item we should make sure we have experienced in some way so we can share it through ourselves with another Man who is into this sexual act.

If you have been successful in experiencing and achieve this sexual act and want to share your experience with me, send me an email or post it below in the comments box.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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