Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tuesday 10-4- XX = Part II

As the time passed by, finally some guys started to appear in the 
video area.

The first guy who was in need of having his cock sucked was an older guy maybe in his 50s.

He was somewhat dirty looking but interesting.

Being a good cock sucker knowing his reason for being there, I followed into the video booth next to the one he had entered and peered through the glory h0le which connected the two video booths.

I watched as he unzipped his zipper and pulled his cock out of his pants.

It stood straight out in front of him rock hard.

This guy must have done a blue pill before arriving there.

A hard cock was good to see on such a slow afternoon.

Here is what he presented me through the oval hole cut in the plywood wall which separated us.

I gave his cock a nice hello kiss and then swallowed it.

Here is a picture of me sucking his hard cock.

It must have felt good to him because I heard him telling me through the wall to suck his cock and make it feed me my reward for 
making it feel so good.

It took a while of me sucking on his cock and licking his balls before he finally fed me that load.

After he pulled his cock back through the glory h0le, he exited the video booth and walked around for a while.
The second time I drained his cum laidened balls he was in the dark area in the back of the video booth area.

He leaned against the wall while I was kneeling in front of him making love to his rock hard cock.

As before, it took him a while before he blasted the second load of his male essence in my mouth and down my throat.

I didn’t care.

I had a good time both times making love to his cock.

Plus, these were two loads that didn't get wasted by 
ending up on the floor...

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