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Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Tuesday – Jan 3 17

Happy Tuesday 

It’s Tearoom Tuesday

Today go to a public Men’s Room and cruise it looking for whatever sex you can offer to Men to satisfy their needs.

Tearooms (Men’s Rooms) are a great place for Alpha Men to go and find hungry cock suckers ready to suck their cocks and drain their balls.


Look for the man sitting on a toilet in a stall with his door open stroking his cock. He’s waiting for some anonymous sex.

He needs you to be his Sex, His Cum Dump.

Tearoom - a Temple of Man-sex and Gay Community

For years until recent changes, the public restrooms for men have been places where some men go to have sexual encounters with other men. 

However, tearooms served a purpose beyond the immediate sex acts. 

Long before the personal computer, the Internet and the ever increasing peripherals and applications; tearooms were places not only where men got a quickie, but where news and information was exchanged about other public places to meet men, where police were on patrol and how to avoid them, and where friendships and even relationships might start.

Some tearooms were located in areas frequented by men of specific ethnic, social or economic statuses. 

However, tearooms, by their very public and mostly cost-free nature, were increasingly a meeting place of broader and broader cross-sections of the male population.

Tearooms had design features which forewarned users that someone new was approaching or entering. 

The feature may have been a long hallway, or where users had to pass through multiple doors, thus warning the men to temporarily break the action. 

Also, a very important feature were the structural and stall walls for drawing and writing. 

The 1980s and 90s saw notable changes in the design of men’s rooms, first with the emergence of HIV, continuing through the requirements to accommodate users with physical disabilities. 

Many cities (public parks) and private property owners (department stores) began tinkering with the restrooms, removing stall doors - which actually increased some options for sex, removing outer doors and using stall walls that were difficult to draw and write on or were easy to rid of the sex art and communications.

In many places, these changes - as well as the new generations savvy with computers and other gadgets for cyber cruising and “hooking up” - all these have made classic Tearooms almost a thing of the past. 

This blog’s comments, photos etc. is a celebration of the classic form of this social-sexual space. 

Tearoom, a Temple of Man-sex and Community.

Enjoy these pictures of men in Tearooms having sex or looking for sex.

Sex in toilet stalls and sex at the urinals.

Sucking, fucking and exchanging cum.

Real Man to Man contact

This is a place that Enhanced males would go to share themselves with other Men in need to that Male contact they have to offer.

Have a Great Day!

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